Friday, April 10, 2015

Telehealth Solutions In Lawrence, Ks

By Joanna Walsh

Imagine what will happen if every patient would flock health care facilities. These facilities would be a no go zone as no space would be available even to step in leave alone a bed to sleep for the in patients. To ameliorate on such a scenario, there are a variety of telehealth solutions in the city Lawrence ks that make it easy to access quality healthcare.

The integration of all pertinent stakeholders in the healthcare systems can only translate to one thing and that is improved quality. Benefits that accompany this integration stand to benefit all stakeholders in a very big way. These systems bring together the patient and the physician in the most unique way.

Health is the most fundamental necessity if the economy is to grow. A sick nation cannot progress, hence the need to drive the economy forward has necessitated the need to save time while acquiring most vital services in life. This is what telehealth does as all the time you would have to travel to the healthcare provider is saved.

With these systems, physicians are saved from spending lots of time doing the follow-up. Also, they are not limited in the number of patients that they can see as it saves on time as no travelling is involved. Lastly, on the part of the patients can earn more as they can serve more patients as compared to face to face which definitely waste lots of time.

These solutions are not only beneficial to the patient, but are of help to healthcare providers. Very many physicians are working on these systems that would otherwise be underemployed or underutilized. In the process, they get to supplement their salary by having patients pay for the services. Also, these solutions help the physicians widen their outreach as they can serve patients who are far.

Patients need to dip deeper into their pockets to have these devices installed, but it is a worth investment. The cost of the devices is nowhere to be compared to the accrued benefits. For example, patients can continue with their chores as they do not have to travel to the hospital. Also, the money that otherwise would have been used for transport is saved.

How many vital services would be missed just because their provider is sick and currently off to seek for medical attention? Also, contemplate on what will happen if that person is a doctor themselves or a teacher. Do you see the implication an action to seek medical attention may have on those who depend on that single person?

Sometimes the cost calculation should not be done if in any case of a mistake all the amount saved is lost at a go. For example, what happens when a patient suffering from HIV misses their medication? Worse still after the prescription are not taken and then the patient return to them later this may cause their death.

Lastly, there is a revolution in the healthcare sector and it calls for patients to be integrated into the systems. There is no better way to integrate the patients that give them control over their condition.

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