Thursday, April 9, 2015

Swim Team Coaching In The City West Chester Pa Advice

By Joanna Walsh

Do you enjoy swimming and love the fun that comes with being deep inside the water? If your answer is yes, you have a starting point to make it in coaching swimmers. However, fantasy in swimming does not translate to being a good coach, hence you need to pay attention to the following lessons from a swim team coaching from the City of West Chester.

Coaching calls for you to be excellent if not an accomplished swimmer. Going back to class may not be an option for you, but it is worth it in order to put yourself up to date with swimming techniques. In any sport players believe they are as good as their coach so work on demonstrating this by acquiring the required skills. Practice makes perfect they say so if you have been out of swimming for a while some of the skills you possessed may have turned brunt by now. You should consider sharpening them by enrolling into a class.

As a coach the sense of sight will help a great deal in your career so pay close attention to your swimmers. With this you will be able to spot talent and devise ways of nurturing them. For example, after seeing one of your swimmer enjoying backstrokes encourage them to better their skills. Do the same with those showing some sense of the weaknesses in acquiring certain skills.

You need to assess yourself and the best way of doing this is by devising a mechanism of receiving feedback. Give other people a chance to gauge your performance as a coach. When seeking for a reliable source of information on your performance, your swimmers should be the target. Sometimes it is often hard for them to open up if you are very strict with them, hence it may help if you loosen up and let them talk about how you are faring on with coaching.

More often than not you may end up thinking of yourself as the best hence you better take caution as this may be the genesis of your downfall. To excel in this prominent and fulfilling career you need to heed to advices from fellow coaches. Ensure that you take enough lessons from your career to add up to your experience.

Just like in class work where hard work does not guarantee good grades also it does not guarantee success in swimming. There is something admirable in working hard, but when combined with talent the good results can be expected. To excel in coaching swimmers you must identify those who are talented and instill in them the need to work hard on their talent.

It is common for coaches to separate themselves from the game. One way of doing this is by setting stringent level of discipline to be followed by the players and not the coaches. Rules are fundamental in instilling discipline in any setting, but these rules are better followed if those who enact them follow them as well. As their leader you need to possess the highest level of discipline possible.

Lastly, remember being the lead coach does not make you the most knowledgeable, but an assistant of all who knows about the swimming. Always know that the real coach can only be found inside each individual swimmer . Am hoping that you will enjoy your coaching career.

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