Saturday, April 25, 2015

Steps Taken To Patient Education

By Stella Gay

Is the act of imparting information to people who are not well health wise and their guardians that will change their behavior on health matters and improve status of their health. Those who can give such information include pharmacists, registered dietitian, registered nurses, medical workers, health planners and health advocates. Patient education is a tool that can be used to help caretakers of those people.

This teaching can be used by managed care organisations, and include overall preventive education, health campaign and specific disease education. Some basic element of this teaching is skill creating and being responsible.

People should be able to change by knowing when, how and why they should change. Doing this in a group is encouraged as team work yields more positive result to health. These teachings can be appraised through incorporating of health situation, more comprehension of methods and ways to achieve several aspects of health conditions.

This teachings increase the outcome as the people involved are more likely to respond well to their treatment schedule and with less complications, they feel informed and can make precise decision since they have the information needed.

Better utilization of medical services with minimal needless phone calls and hospital visit, such teachings will market your clinic or health care facilities as those who received teaching will refer others to your place, the other aspect is the practice minimizes the risk of misconduct when their people who they taught come with realistic expectations.

When this explanation has been given, it is wise to check the extent of comprehension of the patient of her or his condition. To check this can ask, Can you explain to me briefly your understanding of the problem at hand.

Establish relationship based on care with persons involved and their respective families or guardians, integrate the various factors of health when giving care, not limiting themselves to culture, be culturally open and sensitive to varied society.

Create a relationship of service and care with sick persons in question and encourage their family members or guardian to offer support. Avoid discriminating people on their basis of cultural background. It is advisable to be open and sensitive to various cultures in the society.

Coming up with an effective program to put in place these tutorials may be perceived as time consuming at first, but when in operational they can save time and a lot of trouble, one does not need to start this program from the scratch since there are readily available materials that can help one get started, these are talking to your sick person, using materials which are printed, making your own materials then printing them, using video means, getting informed consent, learning how to communicate with people who do not understand English, getting help from your friends and coming up with website where people can access health information from the comfort of their home.

Getting to know your client through talking to them is very vital, good communication is the cornerstone of teaching in a more effective way, it is believed quality is more necessary than quantity.

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