Saturday, April 18, 2015

Some Facts About Hormone Therapy La Jolla

By Joanna Walsh

When one would have a condition wherein his or her hormones are not functioning that way that they are supposed to, then the best way to deal with that would be to have other hormones injected into the body. This kind of process is known as hormone therapy La Jolla and it happens to be one of the most effective ways to help with hormonal problems. Here are a few facts that people should know about.

Now one very important thing to know about would be that this type of therapy can be helpful to both male and females. Of course the types of hormones that would be used would simply depend on the condition of the patient. It can also be used for transgenders who would want to change their sexes.

Now first of all, the women are usually the ones who would actually go for this sort of treatment. This kind of therapy is actually especially helpful for those who would have symptoms of menopause when reaching the age of forty or maybe even fifty. Now what the doctors would do in this scenario is that they would put in some estrogen into the bodies of their female patients so that the symptoms may lessen.

Now another ailment that this kind of treatment can greatly help with would of course be osteoporosis. Now it is very important to take note that if a woman is in her menopause, there will be a tendency that her bones will not be very strong because of the lack of estrogen. Now this kind of estrogen treatment will be able to aid in this kind of thing.

Now the men would also be able to benefit very well from this type of treatment too. Now the counterpart of estrogen would of course be testosterone which would be the reason for the attributes of a man. It is through testosterone that a man will have strong bones, big muscles, and proper distribution of fats in the body.

Now there are those who would suffer from a condition that is known as testosterone deficiency that would hinder some functions in the body. Those who would suffer from this deficiency would not be able to have all their bodily functions properly working. So what most doctors would do is that they would replace the lacking hormones in the body with some new ones.

Of course transgenders would also make use of this kind of treatment a lot. Ow the trans men out there would have testosterone enter their body so that their womanly functions would cease and they would have more manly attributes. Of course the opposite would be for the trans women who would have estrogen injected inside.

Now if one is interested in this kind of therapy, then here are some facts to know about. In fact, this therapy is actually very popular in the city of La Jolla CA wherein men and women both would actually want to undergo therapies like these. Also, the transgenders would get a lot of this type of therapy too.

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