Friday, April 10, 2015

Some Of Liverpool Football Club Latest News

By Joanna Walsh

The best news shows Skirtel had the most contribution on the field.But even more problem is still with the club, the Reds are talking with Falcao agent they can get his service. He may leave Old Traford at the end of this campaign season.Liverpool football club latest news reports also shows.

Radamel Falcao performance since he joined Manchester United had not been good. He has only scored not that much goals only four goals to be specific. He joined Old Traford in the last minute transfer of the season and he gets wages of about 250,000 pounds every week. However, it comes as no surprise that the manager Louis van Gaal is yet to be convinced of his ability due to his poor performance.

The Reds vice captain is reported in the media that he is on his way out. Indicates that Jordan Henderson is the most recent Liverpool player to become what is known now known as expensive players. And now Chelsea has joined and is also eying the clubs vice-captain.

The latest report on the Daily Star shows that Jordan Henderson is the latest Liverpool player to become what's known as a self-oriented expensive player. And now Chelsea are circling ready to make an offer for the Reds' vice-captain. The Daily Star reported that Chelsea could make a 22m pound move for the midfielder after he turned down a 80,000 pounds a week given to him. He admitted just last week that he did not want to leave Anfield.

He further went ahead to clarify that he loves the team and would wish to remain in the football club for the better part of his career. He confirmed that he loves playing football for Liverpool and still wants to be there for more time. In other words concerning his contract, he said people are bound to speak and speculate and will see it otherwise of it, but he is just letting his agent and the club deal with it.

The team will try hard to fend off great interest from the other Italian giants such as Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan, who also wish to land the services of the Colombian forward.As Monaco is in talk with the three Italian clubs but none of the four clubs are willing to agree to the 36.5million fee that the principality club demand so a loan might be the next step instead.

The striker has played a significant role in the club previous six games away from home where they have not lost, and he was missed as the defense struggled with Arsenal. Last season Jordan Henderson played very well and was such a talented player at Anfield. His good run was part of what took the team to close to the league title.

The defeat is a dangerous one to the reds because it reduces the chances of finishing in the top four. Skrtel red card came at a bad time of the season. With the center back also suspended for the coming matches such as FA Cup quarter-final replay that would be against Blackburn Rovers on the day of this Wednesday night it is not going to be easy.

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