Thursday, April 9, 2015

Knowing How To Clean A Wetsuit

By Lelia Hall

Various water sports have been taking place in the recent times with surfing being the most popular sport. The surfing gear which is very important is however costly and it is therefore necessary to ensure right handling in its use. Many protection procedures have therefore been used to ensure long durability of this gear. It has therefore become important to know how to clean a wetsuit which is one of the commonly used procedures for this role.

Washing is very simple and it involves a number of steps that can be easily carried out from home or services from the laundry. The soft material used to make this wears makes washing using the hands very suitable and also prevent the tearing of the cloths. However in most laundry places the cleaning is done using the washing machines which are relatively fast and efficient.

When washing, the cloth is first passed through cold water which is sprayed to it using a horse pipe. This is aimed at removing all the solid materials that could have been embedded in the cloth during the activities. The water also dissolved the salts and sweat that are within the fabrics. This procedure is very important as it helps to prevent blocking of the washing machines by the dirt particles if they are not washed off early.

Clothes are then soaked in water that has been added with some shampoo which is purposely aimed at weakening the stains. This makes washing afterwards very easy and all the stubborn stains are removed. The shampoo also ensures that the fabrics are softened and strengthened thus improving the quality of cloths and making them to appear brilliant. For best results, the clothes should be left to soak for several minutes before being washed thoroughly.

Soap and other non-bleaching detergents are then used to do the rest of the washing. Smooth scrubbers can be used to rub the cloth gently over and over again until the entire cloth is free from any form of dirt. The clothes are then put in a bucket of clean water where they are thoroughly rinsed to get rid of excess soap and any other undesired materials are ready for drying.

To get the best result, the wet clothes must be allowed to dry well under the suitable conditions. The clothes need to be hung using hungers specifically made for this use. This ensures proper positioning and prevents the cloth from folding. The hanging should be done in a place where direct heating from the sun is minimal and this helps to protect the quality of the material from damage.

Some practices are recommended during cleaning of these clothes. Cold water is highly advised because it has no bad effect on the quality of fabrics unlike hot water which makes them to stretch causing loss of shape. The drying machines should also be avoided because they have the same bad result as hot sun.

Suits are very essential and proper washing should be done to ensure long life in sporting activities. It is necessary to observe the cleaning procedure so that good results are obtained. This will ensure good characteristics of the sporting gear.

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