Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Clean A Wetsuit

By Ericka Marsh

A wetsuit constitutes an integral part of those people who engage in surfing and diving. Ocean water can be icy even during a hot period of the year. In this regard, a proper wetsuit helps in keeping a diver warm as they have fun underwater. A rinse of the inner and outer layers of the diving wear using fresh water after each session keeps bacteria and odours away. However, there is a formal manner of how to clean a wetsuit that keeps it in optimum conditions.

Your underwater wear is made of neoprene material. To help you keep this type of material clean you need certain products. One of these products is a special shampoo necessary to clean neoprene. You can get this shampoo at diving and surfing stores. You will also need wide hangers and some zipper lubricant to help you maintain and clean your suit fabric.

You begin the process by filling up your bathtub with lukewarm water. To this, you add the correct dollop of neoprene fabric cleaning shampoo. Of the common types of shampoos, the recommended amount is half an ounce of shampoo for each gallon of lukewarm water. You may however confirm the right amount to use from the shampoo labelling on the packaging or bottle.

Next comes a gentle swish around of this particular suit in the water. This removes debris and sand from it. The cleaner should make sure the cleaning water reaches every part of inner suit also. The next step involves a thorough rinse using fresh lukewarm water. The cleaner must remember to rinse the inner parts of their suit as well. It is preferable that the shower jet is used for this.

We should hang out the suit on the shower rod using a wide hanger once we are done with rinsing. This enables the suit to drip dry. Once water has dripped off, we should hang this suit away from the humidity and wetness in our bathroom completing the process of drying. We must keep the wetsuit away from strong sunlight. The reason is that sun rays cause premature wearing out for our suit.

Finally, the cleaner should open up the zipper and squeeze some zipper lubricant on both its sides. Concentration ought to be on the outer teeth of this suit. Closing and opening the zipper a number of times ensures this lubricant reaches deep into every part the zipper. If the suit is used on a regular basis, it is recommended that it be washed twice a month.

Under no circumstances at all should the wetsuit be washed in a washing machine like other clothing. This would cause serious damage to it. Deodorant can be used to disinfect it which also keeps out foul odours. The suit ought to be hang up rather than folded when not in use. This reduces creasing that leads to cracks. Such cracks develop consequently into tears. A beefy hanger should be used to hang it and thin wire hangers should be avoided. Thin wire hangers tend to dig into the wetsuit leading to cracks.

Cleaning our wetsuits is not complicated, which is a good thing. With the use of these maintenance and cleaning routines, we are assured of long service from our suits.

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