Saturday, June 20, 2015

Discover How To Alleviate Vertigo With A Las Vegas Functional Medicine Center For Lasting Results

By Tabatha Fickel

Many senior citizens start having bouts of vertigo: at first only occasionally, but often increasing in frequency. Very often there is little that needs to be done, but sometimes this is a precursor to a serious condition. You should consult a nearby Las Vegas thyroid doctor to find out what is causing the problem and what action you should take.

Functional medicine is based on the belief that diseases arise due to a malfunction of your body. You need to rule out bacterial infections, drug interactions, problems with your glucose metabolism, poor circulation, or head traumas as causes of your vertigo. If it is indeed simple vertigo, you still might be able to reduce its effects.

While it is not always possible to correct the malfunctions which cause vertigo, suppressing the symptoms should not be your preferred approach to the problem. There might be something you can do to alleviate the problem. You also need to be aware that prescription medications may also interact negatively with other drugs.

Whatever medical condition you are experiencing, taking your whole body into account is the preferred approach. Problems in one area will often produce misleading symptoms elsewhere, so nothing is neatly compartmentalized. Functional therapy is almost unique in adopting a whole-body approach to medicine.

It may be that a change of diet and certain vitamin supplements can help overcome your vertigo. Supplements such as ginkgo biloba, vinpocetine, and ginger are also often found to be helpful for this problem. These supplements are far less likely to have adverse effects or interact with prescription drugs.

Be grateful for the warning your vertigo is providing. A neighborhood Las Vegas functional practitioner will help you to get the full benefit of this timely indication from your body. While prescription drugs may ultimately be the only solution, you should first find out what the problem is before imposing this type of solution.

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