Sunday, June 7, 2015

What One Needs To Know About Billiards Repair Denver

By Ericka Marsh

Billiards is one of the most popular past-times and it is not uncommon to find the game in most homes. Slate is one of the most used materials for billiards. It is a material that is attractive and resilient and produces one of the most durable outcomes. However, with time there is bound to be reduction in quality of the table because of wear and tear. When considering billiards repair Denver has various professionals who can do the job. However, it is important to be well acquainted with the repair process.

Wear and tear of slate can be seen through the presence of cracks within it. There are a number of useful tips for helping to repair the billiard so that it is restored to its attractiveness. The repairs can be best attended to after the felt is separated from the table. This will make it easy to carry out repairs more comprehensively. A socket wrench will be important for this. It is used for removing bolts attaching the rails to the table.

After the rails are removed, the staples which attach the felt to the table are removed. A staple puller is the best tool for this though a screwdriver may also be used. The screwdriver should have a flat head. The staples that have been removed should be put aside carefully so that they are not misplaced. Besides, they are likely to cause injury if stepped upon.

The extent of the cracks is known through inspection of the slate. Beeswax will suffice to fill the fine cracks and small chips. It should be held above the crack, some 4 inches, as the wax is melted. The melting is done using a portable propane torch. The wax is left to drip into the cracks.

Slate needs plenty of wax for it to effectively bond. After the wax cools properly, any excess ones are removed using a paint scraper. The excess wax is removed because it would leave the slate with an unpleasant appearance. Furthermore, it may have an effect on the drying of the wax within the cracks. The right quantity of wax is important so that it dries and grips the cracks well.

Billiard table wax can also be used. It has resin that makes it to harden much better than beeswax. This gives more durable results. Billiard wax is better in the event that the cracks are considerably big. Like in the case of beeswax, there will be excess wax that should be gotten rid of. After removing the excesses, it is important to wipe the slate with damp cloth or sponge. Billiard wax also comes in handy when you have to seal loose seams on slate.

For even more extensive cracks, slate repair glue is used. It is thick and consistent, features that make it able to effectively bond slate. The glue is applied inside the cracks on both sides. The separate sides are then firmly pushed together. For the glue to bond the separate slate pieces, they are held together for some time.

Some glue may seep out because of pressure of slate being pushed together. All the glue needs to be left to dry. Thereafter, it gets smoothed using sandpaper.

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