Sunday, June 14, 2015

Importance Of Workouts And Games For Dementia Patients

By Elaine Guthrie

Dementia is the loss of memory, reasoning power, and some of the cognitive functions among the elderly. It is difficult for dementia patient to do tasks such as dressing, bathing, household chores, and driving. Games and activities can greatly improve the conditions. They should be involved in activities such as swimming, walking and aerobic and games for dementia patients to help in blood flow and formation of new cells.

Psychical activity is seen as the no-medicinal way of improving the health of the patients. The workout help improve what medicine cannot. Even doctors have being trained on how to perform the activities on the patients. Below are some of the activities the dementia patients can engage in.

Body builder mostly lifts weights. The effect in them is that they remain strong and fir even in their old age. Since dementia out-patients are the elderly, these exercises will greatly help them improve their body strength and fitness. The lifting will build lean mass and increase metabolism.

Another healthy activity to them is aerobics. These exercises increase the oxygen supply to the body. The blood to the different organs of the body carries oxygen. This means as they engage in aerobics, the oxygen supply increases due to increased circulation of blood. The result of all this is that they improve their own immune system, increase flow of blood to the brain cells which helps improve their memory.

Flexibility and balance is at times difficult for the old people. They spend most of their times sited doing nothing. Their bones do not stretch much compared to people who work, as they have to move from one place another. The patients should start with simple routine exercises done weekly. The other advantage is that the can do them inside the house as they do not have to visit the gym. In your house, anybody can easily stretch bend and even do Tai chi.

Dancing is a well-known form of therapy. It is recommendable to those who experience loss of memory, and dementia. It helps in stretching. As you dance, you will have to move the parts of your body. If they do this continuously, the patients lose weight. During the activity, the body warms up and blood circulation increases. Food, water other minerals get faster to their place of destination.

The disease affects the normal functioning of the brain. Therefore, it is important for the patient to do mental exercises and physical exercises as well. The mental exercises include riddles, playing board games, and solving puzzles.

To improve and see the health benefits of games and exercises, they should exercise regularly. They will live longer and will reduce the number of times they visit the hospital. Besides improving the health, they keep them occupied since there is not much they are doing. The activities are good for a patient and should be monitored or controlled.

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