Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Getting To Know Joseph Piacentile

By Bob Oliver

Medicine is, without question, one of the broadest topics of discussion. There are several points of interest to make note of, ranging from mild cases to the most serious of conditions, and treatments will be overseen as they're developed. One of the names behind this development has been Joseph Piacentile, though there are many who are unaware of his background. For those who are curious to know who this individual is, read on.

With an interest in medicine, Dr. Joseph Piacentile began his academic career in Fordham University. Following his completion at that particular institution, he went on to the Georgetown University School of Medicine in order to receive his master's. To say that this is noteworthy would be an understatement, since there are many years of learning to be applied here. With that said, though, the future that he built for himself must be discussed as well.

Joseph Piacentile worked within private practice, helping people with the education he had obtained earlier. Even though he was effective at this, he had an interest in what was known as electronic medical records. He saw how popular they were becoming and, as a result, became aware of the potential that could be realized with them. Not only did he want to utilize these records, but Piacentile wanted to create easier strategies for various individuals.

Piacentile decided to use the aforementioned records, and the technology associated with it, to help establishments save more money. Of course, he wanted to ensure that patients received quality care, which is always going to be the goal. However, with his strategy set in place, he was determined to make medical matters more cost-effective for everyone. This isn't to say, though, that he doesn't have other projects that he's been hard at work on.

Piacentile has illustrated an interest in theater as well. As a matter of fact, he took it upon himself to write different plays, "The Homecoming" being perhaps his most successful. The reason for this is that, at one time, it was nominated for a total of three Tony Awards, which speaks volumes about his reputation as both a medical specialist and a playwright. In order to have the greatest quality of life imaginable, as most would imagine, the pursuit of various interests must be conducted.

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