Friday, June 19, 2015

Getting The Most Out Of Neuropsychological Testing

By April Briggs

In order to know more about the brain and whether there is damage, one needs to test it. This is done with neuropsychological testing. These tests have been composed by professionals over the years and there are a number of them to see various factors of how one can function in the world and what kind of help one would need.

A client may have had a brain tumor, or have had a car accident. In this case they may have lost a certain amount of memory, and they will need to be tested to see how severe this is and whether they will be suited to go back to the workplace. Sometimes it is too soon to be tested and sometimes one needs to do this in stages.

Sometimes one needs to be in a clinical setting and have a basic conversation with the psychologist to be able to be testing on various aspects. Some points on intelligence can be gathered, but one must also look at the language skills and hear someone speaking to gain more information about this.

Before testing, the client will talk to the psychologist which takes place in a clinical setting and they will ask them various questions. This is a safe place so one can feel comfortable to talk and have a basic conversation. This is important because the psychologist needs to assess them and their language skills and this is the best way how.

They will test them on various aspects of the brain by looking at executive functions, intelligence and memory, for example. The executive functions are important in holding down a job as well as in life because one needs to solve problems, organize and plan and think about certain aspects on a day to day basis. People who are slow with this will have trouble with their job.

Memory skills are tested so that the person can function on a daily basis as well. This refers to short term and long term. It is important on a professional basis as well as helping with social skills. For example, one needs to hold a conversation and know whether they have covered something already. They will have to remember places and names as well.

There are certain parts of the brain that will remember certain facts and figures. This will depend on what part has been affected. Someone may have had an accident and fallen on the temporal lobe. This can cause one to be affected with epilepsy. It can cause one to have problems with epilepsy as well as other psychological problems which the psychologist will know about.

It is best to go to an experienced neuropsychologist in New York, NY. You will definitely find a person who will be able to help you out by contacting a neurosurgeon or a hospital because they work closely together and they will have all of the contacts. Normally, you won't need very many sessions for this type of a consultation.

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