Thursday, June 11, 2015

Advantages Participating In Activities For People With Dementia

By Elaine Guthrie

It is true that our brain is important to human anatomy. We just cannot survive living without it working. We are more likely to fail if we would not think or plan things out in our head. Yes, we all do have other parts, but it is the main power of everything else.

But there are some of us who are just unfortunate to suffer from memory disorder. And since we now have various activities for people with dementia, we can be assured that things will go well as time pass by. It is no surprise that we do our best and anything we can just to cater the needs of the people who need us, especially the ones who need us the most.

It is undeniable that we make some decisions in our life which cause unwanted consequences along the way. Even if you think thoroughly of something before deciding on it, you just cannot be hundred percent sure that things will turn out as expected. Then we face the reality that we are caught up in the middle of a crisis. And then we feel that everything is just falling apart in our very own eyes.

One of the most drastic things to know is realizing that this sort of stuff goes through the bloodline of the one you love. You will then have thoughts of worrying that he might never remember you as his partner. Or if the significant days will be out of mind after all the years you will be together. But love is mysterious, it does not matter how many obstacles you will be facing as long as you are together, you still feel stronger inside as days pass by.

But if the most scary part of your life is in front of the mirror. If being the person who will be going through such thing just because you just know you will be. Do not feel depressed. You have to remember that you are not alone in that battle. You can meet some individuals whom you know who also happen to have such. Or you can visit some open forums in the community or over the internet to interact with others as well.

Actually, you can do something about it. Even in simple things. There are different ways of how spends time with them and at the same time help their situation. You can do stuff at home or anywhere you want to. If you do have a pet in your house, it will surely be of big assistance. As we all know, animals are not only here to do their thing in the wild. We actually have domestic animals who can make us feel better even by simply petting them.

Some people find comfort in listening to some sort of music. And there are some who would love to meditate with the help of nature. By simply listening some birds chirping over and the cold breeze of air passing through the leaves. Music somehow guide our souls find its inner peace somewhere in this busy world.

But if that individual enjoys having some time alone. Give him the space he wants. But to do not let his time get wasted all day. You can give him sorts of mind games to use. It could be a puzzle or any other games that will surely stimulate the brain itself.

No matter how early or late the thing could occur. We know that we are just not ready to face it. But if it is already there, all we could do is to remain the same person as we could. And be positive that things will be fine soon. We should also never leave the person behind.

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