Sunday, June 21, 2015

By Consulting A Specialist Foot Doctor Rochester Patients Can Lead Normal Lives Again

By April Briggs

One tends to ignore the various parts of the body until they start to fail or when they become diseased. Most people never give their feet and ankles a second though. Yet these limbs are crucial to our ability to remain mobile. Losing mobility can be one of the most debilitating experience and constant pain in the feet and ankles can be excruciating. However, with help from a foot doctor Rochester sufferers can expect speedy relief.

The proper name for doctors that specialize in treating ailments of the ankles and feet is podiatrists. These professionals are first trained as physicians that then opt for further studies. Podiatrists are qualified to provide both medical and surgical treatment and this profession is the only one solely concentrating on treating the lower extremities. In order to become a registered podiatrist at least eight years of study, followed by a surgical residency is necessary.

Constant pain of the feet and ankles can be excruciating. If symptoms occur and persist for more than a day or three, it is important to take the matter seriously and to seek an appointment with a podiatrist. Waiting and hoping that the problem will resolve itself is foolish. The longer the problem persist the worse the damage become and the more difficult and expensive the treatment will be.

One of the worst mistakes people with problem feet make is to try and solve the problem themselves. This is especially the case when people try to remove bunions and calluses at home by using sharp instruments or unproven ointments. At best these remedies will have no positive effects but at worst they could cause immense harm.

It is interesting to note that more than sixty per cent of patients seeing a podiatrist is female. In most cases, ailment of the feet in women can be directly ascribed to the wearing of high heel shoes. High heels place tremendous pressure on the feet, ankles and the tendons. High heels also often cause calluses and other growths. Women are advised to wear high heels for short periods only.

In many other cases problems with the feet can also be ascribed to the wrong footwear. Shoes should fit properly and the toes should never be squeezed. Sports people, especially, should wear the shoes designed specifically for the type of sport they practice. Should should provide support to the arches and the ankles. Experts advise that footwear should never be bought when tired or after walking a long way.

There is much that can be done to prevent problems with the feet and ankles. Podiatrists advise their clients to walk bare feet as often as possible. It also helps to stand on tiptoes for at least five minutes once a day. The feet should be kept clean and dry at all times. The importance of feet hygiene simply cannot be overemphasized.

It is important to look after your feet. They allow you mobility. Neglect may easily lead to constant pain and discomfort. When it becomes difficult or even impossible to walk or run the best course of action is to see a podiatrist without delay.

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