Monday, June 29, 2015

Stu Millheiser: What Causes ALS?

By Michael Robert Peterson

ALS is a condition that targets the nerves in our body, our heads and backs in particular. When this condition sets in and becomes more serious in time, the physical limitations which can be created can be some of the most daunting. Even the most mundane of efforts are made difficult. As far as the causes of this condition are concerned, it's an interesting conversation to have. As a matter of fact, here is some information that Stu Millheiser and others can bring to your attention.

When it comes to the causes of ALS, the information you'll find may not be too clear. The reason for this is that there isn't a solid cure for this condition, which can be something of a concern. There also isn't a specific "trigger" associated with ALS, meaning that anyone of any age, background, or gender can be afflicted with this. To say that this is unfortunate would be an understatement, but there are other details which can offered by the likes of Stu Millheiser.

This isn't to say that possible reasons for ALS development are nonexistent. As a matter of fact, specialists have pinpointed possible triggers that could have led to this very condition. For instance, did you know that the immune system may backfire on the human body, attacking healthy cells, those related to the nerves included? This is one of the ways in which ALS can develop, according to Stuart Millheiser, if not become facilitated if it already exists.

With this information about causes in mind, you should know what to do if you start to see signs of ALS. These can vary, in terms of intensity, ranging from momentary cramps to slurred speech. Examples such as these are a few, but they have been commonly associated with this condition for quite some time. What this means is that if you start to catch wind of these symptoms, as well as others, you would be wise to contact your doctor or medical specialist.

While it's unfortunate that we know little about ALS, in terms of its causes, this doesn't necessarily mean that we are short on information. It also doesn't mean that we cannot conduct further research, as medical specialists in this field are constantly looking for new details. Medicine is strong, yes, but I believe that it will become even more powerful in due time. It's just a matter of finding new information and incorporating it into future studies.

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