Sunday, June 21, 2015

How A Neuropsychologist In NYC Is Linked To Brain Trauma

By April Briggs

Brain injuries and trauma to that part of the part are more and more common these days. To find out more about this a neuropsychologist in NYC is involved in the testing of patients to find out about the severity of the injury. This is very important because it will tell one whether the client is able to cope with different situations in life.

It can relate to social situations as well as aspects on a professional level. If certain parts of the brain are affected, then one can only do a job that requires minimal performance. They may not be able to plan or come up with a solution. They may not be able to remember certain things, and this can be a problem in the social setting.

This type of psychologist will also work with a lawyer who may have a client that has a brain injury and is now suing someone because of an accident that they have been in, for example. The neuropsychologist can help with this because they will be able to tell the court the severity of the injury and whether the client can actually carry on with a normal lifestyle.

It is not only written tests that one does, but there are verbal tests that are performed as well. This is done in a private practice or in a hospital setting in an office. One must make sure that the client is comfortable and that they are safe enough to have a casual conversation with the therapist. In this way, they will be able to be tested on their language skills.

The tests will be marked and the scores are compared with that of the general population. It is not only memory and language that comes into this. It is also intelligence and executive functions that one tends to focus on. This is important because it will also tell one a lot about what one can do in the world and how realistic you are.

When speaking, one can also assess the patient on intelligence, but they should be given a written piece of information that they can fill out for this as well. There are different levels to this as well. One can be affected with a brain injury and still hold down a good job. They may even have a business of their own. However, they may struggle with various emotional and personality problems.

Another psychologist may need to help after they have been tested and a neuropsychologist will have the right kind of contacts to be able to send the client there. One also has to bear in mind that it will take time for the brain to heal and grow. Memory can take up to two years after a major accident to find where it was before, so one must have patience.

A reference for one of these specialists can be found at a hospital or private practice. There are many neurosurgeons who will know about where to go in order to get the best type of service. They send their patients there all the time. In New York, NY there are many people that have the right type of experience and qualifications to do the job.

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