Friday, January 4, 2019

Discovering FDA Approved Laser For Pain

By Sandra Cole

While people have been suffering for years from discomfort in the neck and shoulder, this may no longer be the case. For, there is a new FDA Approved Laser For Pain in these and other areas of the body. In June of 2018, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved a laser light based product known as a multi radiance medical MR4 laser.

After a series of tests with subjects determined that the laser was more effective than a placebo with regards to reducing this type of discomfort, the FDA approved the laser for use in pain management. As such, the NHN product classified as a FDA 510(k) clearance allows patients and clinicians a safer and more effective drug-free method of pain management.

Light amplification and other light sources are used to emit monochromatic radiation which is coherent and collimated. By emitting energy through wavelengths and other infrared sources, a non-heated and non-thermal treatment is used to relieve pain without topical heating. The new and technology goes beyond pain relief. For, since there is no heat source such as found in heating pads, there is also a reduction in risk associated with fire or severe burns to the body as can occur with heating pads and similar products.

While a number of other similar products are on the market in other countries and some areas of the United States, few have received approval from the FDA or other organizations. As such, those products have not been designated as being non-thermal or non-heat bases sources. In addition, while some of these products may relieve pain, most lack the safety requirements compared to those approved by the FDA.

Companies often avoid the steps necessary to obtain United States Federal Drug and Administration approval. For, the process can be extremely long and costly. As such, a number of companies will simply obtain a local registration and trademark and move forward with sales and distribution.

Unlike other companies which produce or mass produce products, these new laser light pain relieving products are produced using the latest innovative medical technologies. In most cases, products using this new technology work to increase circulation while eliminating discomfort. As a result, the individual often experiences much long periods without pain of discomfort while eliminating the need for chiropractors, painful injections or harsh narcotics.

Researchers worked with 86 test subjects to determine how light therapies such as phototherapy effected painful areas of the body. The results of a portion of these individuals showed that the technology was more positive than that of associated placebos. After which, participants were asked to return for a one month follow up to determine whether the pain had returned, lessened or subsided completely.

Once having discovered the discomfort had significantly decreased among the majority of the test subjects, FDA approval was pretty much assured. While this was the case, the studies went on to determine the success rate of this new laser based therapy on pain in the shoulder and neck which resulted in the final round of studies and FDA approval. As a result, a number of individuals whom had to take harsh narcotics, make regular visits to a chiropractor or receive painful injections on a regular basis, no longer have to do so.

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