Thursday, December 12, 2013

Attain Optimum Performance Using Nutritional Supplements

By Cory Panek

There is some controversy about the use of nutritional supplements, with some experts claiming that we should get enough nutrients from our diets. Yet more and more people are suffering from various complaints and just do not seem healthy. Supplementing your diet with certain essential nutrients might be the answer to low level health problems.

Every year the soil on which crops are grown become increasingly depleted of many trace elements. While fertilizers can ensure bumper crops, the nutritional quality of the food produced is much lower than previously. Another issue is that modern waste disposal systems do not recycle nutrients to the soil, and for many years the fertility of the soil has been decreasing.

A vitamin which is essential for a number of processes in the body, vitamin D is currently in the spotlight. It can be manufactured by our bodies from sunlight, providing the sun is high enough so the UVB rays enter the atmosphere. Natural supplements provide the correct vitamin D3 form which is beneficial.

Any supplements need to be in a form which can be absorbed by your body. Those designed to be bioavailable or from pure;y natural sources will give far better results than synthetics. Vitamin C is one of the many vitamins that needs to be in this form, and a pure synthetic, while chemically identical, will provide very little benefit.

As always, more is not necessarily better. While the officially recommended RDA is too low, you should be careful to stick to the stated dose on the package, as overdosing can be dangerous. Vitamin D can actually cause a painful death from symptoms of a severe sunburn. However, supplements are safe if taken as recommended.

A field that is taking the world by storm is anti-aging. Of the many nutrients known to be important to achieve this benefit, resveratrol and Astaxanthin stand out. Available in large amounts in dark chocolate, resveratrol is also found in red grapes and blueberries. Astaxanthin is found in shellfish such as krill, providing the pink coloring which also turns the flesh of salmon pink.

While these nutrients are available from purely natural foods, nutritional supplements permit large enough quantities to be consumed for optimum results. You can improve your state of health and resistance ti illnesses with the appropriate supplementation. In addition, you should preferably consume organic foods, as this is the form your body is evolved to benefit from.

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