Saturday, December 21, 2013

What Should I Look For In A Quality Satiereal Saffron Extract?

By Bennett Vidals

For fans of the incomparable Dr. Oz, you may have watched an episode of his show that talks about satiereal saffron extract and how it may give you the solution to your weight loss problems once and for all. Coming from the plant known as Crocus sativus, saffron is highly prized as a spice, but research has shown that it has the ability to keep your food cravings in check, slash down the frequency of your snacking, and help you to lose those extra pounds.

Dr. Oz gave emphasis on how people resort to overeating every time they undergo emotional stress. What's worse is that these same people make poor food choices, often opting for instant foods that are packed with sugar, fat, and empty calories. Not only can this cause a significant increase in weight, it can also lead the way for a wide variety of diseases which include diabetes, heart attack, and even cancer.

The aforementioned episode also featured two women who underwent an experiment conducted by Dr. Oz and his team. The women took satiereal saffron extract for a period of 4 weeks and the result was a significant reduction of their snacking activities by as much as 51%. Besides this, they also claimed to have a longer feeling of fullness and that the weight they lost amounted to 8 pounds in total.

So why is satiereal being given a lot of credit by the weight loss industry? This is because satiereal is effective in increasing serotonin levels in your body. Serotonin is a hormone produced by the brain to help manage your mood and stress levels. The more of it you have, the better you will be able to hold up against emotional stress and you'll be able to make better eating decisions, and keep your cravings in check.

According to official research, satiereal saffron extract has the ability to manage the physiological factors of eating sensations and this in turn helps to keep snacking habits to a minimum. It is important to take note that many binge eaters do what they do as a reaction to stress, frustration, anxiety, and boredom. Saffron helps to modify a person's behavior in these situations by augmenting the body's serotonin levels.

As for choosing the right saffron supplement, there are several factors you should consider and one of them is the reputation of its manufacturer. Ideally, you should stick with well-known companies with an excellent track record, especially in the quality of their products. As for the product, make sure to check that it is made from pure saffron extract and it does not contain any binders, fillers, or artificial ingredients.

It is also important to check if the product is actually made from saffron extract that comes from the flower of Crocus sativus. Another way to discern a product's quality is if it was manufactured under strict quality control standards. Ideally, you want a supplement that was manufactured in an FDA-registered lab and adheres to the FDA's GMP standards. As for the dosage, the general rule is that the more satiereal saffron extract it offers per serving, the better.

Most importantly, you may want to consult your doctor first before you try any supplement made with satiereal saffron extract. This is especially true for people who are taking medications that directly affect serotonin levels. For best results, make sure you combine your satiereal supplementation with proper diet and adequate exercise. After all, you do want to lose those extra pounds and keep them off permanently right?

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