Thursday, December 26, 2013

Understanding Clip On Flip Up Sunglasses

By Tiffany Gill

Clip on flip up sunglasses are really funky and trendy, very fashionable spectacle lenses that are designed to clip onto existing, normally prescription glasses as and adds on to turn prescription glasses into prescription sun protection eye wear. They are easy and convenient to clip on and off as and when you need to, or they can simply just be flipped up, away from your prescription glasses when you are indoors or you do not need them for a few minutes.

Just a while ago, these items were considered to be not so popular or attractive and not at all a funky or trendy fashion item. It was seen mostly worn by the elderly and tourists as a pure functional item to protect their eyes from the sun. They are now available in a wide range of styles, types and colours which makes them high fashion items.

Not only do they come in many different shapes, styles and colours to make sure you are always looking your best, they are also very affordable and is suited to meet even the lowest of budgets. For those individuals who already have the expense of prescription sunglasses, this is a more affordable alternative than having to invest in full prescription sun protection eye wear as well.

Like with any good pair of sun protection eye wear, these items offer 100 percent protection against the UV rays from the sun. Moreover they are compact and light weight, have a metal frame and hinges to clip onto your prescription glasses, giving you the option to remove or lift the sunglasses as and when you need to. These make it easy to always have the latest styles and shades when it comes to the fashion trends of sun protection eye wear and eye care.

The flip up option of these sun protection eye wear is an added bonus as you do not still have to remove your shades when you move indoors or need to interact with other people. It is convenient to quickly just flip them up, and back down when you have complete what you needed to do. Many delivery people use these for the exact same reason.

Individuals who wear these items also have the option to have these custom made, meaning that the shape and style will match that of your prescription glasses that you wear. This saves you the effort of having to find clip on flip up sunglasses that go with or look good with your prescription glasses as they come in different sizes.

They come in many shade and shapes and styles, thus you can invest in more than a single pair, keeping up with fashion trends as well.

Generally, clip on flip up sunglasses have become a really great and trendy accessory to have, and not only that, it has made it possible for those who cannot afford a second set of prescription glasses as sun protection eye wear to be able to have and wear sun protection eye wear without affecting your vision, and all this at prices that are affordable to most, in the trendiest styles and shades to suit any fancy.

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