Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Breeches Are Very Useful For True Experts

By Sonya Riley

The fashionable modern day breeches have come a long way given that they were originally a preserve for the equestrian enthusiasts. Nowadays, there are specific designer types to choose from. These are set aside for specific occasions as well as leisure activities. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose something that fits you and still retain your personality. You can choose between the baggy or tight shaped depending on material.

When choosing a beech, you need to go for something that is fashionable and gives you the right personality. On the other hand, you can choose the spandex or nylon types depending on the level of comfort you are looking for. Tight expandable designs have become quite trendy and you can also choose ones with side or from zippers depending on convenience and activities that you indulge in.

Different riders prefer different designs, shapes and materials depending on the flexibility levels. You can also choose the balloon type of tights as they both give good flexibility of your knees. On the other hand, when buying these, you need to note the grip it offers on the saddle. The lesser the material used on the type that you choose affects the price of the piece.

The knees patch type has become very popular since it extends to your mid calf and does not make you look overdressed. This complements your paddock short boots and you can buy leather or other synthetic materials. If you love hunting, horse breeding or show jumping, these are ideal for you. They are also good for weekend leisure rides for the family.

You can also choose the full seat breech which comes with materials with grips on the knees and with a tight inner patch. These have sticky backs to help you avoid slipping when riding and are the preferred ones for competitive riding. The design works well with long or tall boots or you can as well opt for half chaps.

For the jockey, the white silk types are recommended and this is the best choice when you are looking for light weight fabric breech. These are elastic which extend to all the way to the ankle though you can get designs reaching just below the knee which determines the boots you need to wear as well. For sport riding, you might be required to add your name on the thighs.

There are many online sports outlets which have a variety of these including the Jodhpur. The Jodhpur is an essential type for children and used purposely for training and leisure riding. In the US, UK and Australia, adults don these as part of their casual riding wear. They include straps for holding your boots firmly on your feet and this comes as a safety feature.

If you are color conscious, you have a wide range of these to choose from depending on your lifestyle. For sport riding, you might be required to choose a specific color by the local association. On the other hand, you can go for the traditional or modern breaches depending on the activities you want to use them in.

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