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Important Details On Gymnastics In Delaware

By Georgia Diaz

Individuals can participate in different types of sports. Gymnastics in Delaware being one popular type; it involves the use of co-ordination, balance, agility, flexibility and power. This sport is governed by an international body which takes care of the welfare of all athletes and also ensure that they follow the set guidelines. However, rules vary from country to country or from state to state.

Different categories exist in this particular sport and include; women artistic gymnastics, group and acrobatic. Each category has their number events. These events are; vaults, uneven beams, balance beam, floor exercise, high bar, parallel bar and pommel horse.

Ladies have not been left behind and also have a category dedicated to them. The age of participants is from seven years and above. However, to take part in Olympics one must be above sixteen years of age. Strong psychological skills are highly essential because they aid to ease tricks performed that are difficult and of intense pressure. Majority of the women compete in four events.

Men competition is more intense that the female one. Males may start young to practice this sport, but not as young as women because boys need to reach puberty in order to develop the strength required. The age required for one to become a professional who can participate in an Olympics event is the same as the age required in the female event; sixteen. Male participants compete in six events.

In the rhythmic category athletes are required to perform different activities such as leaps, tosses and jumps. It incorporates different elements such as ballet and dance. These apparatus include balls, ribbons, hoops and ropes. However this event is currently performed by women only, athletes are also allowed to participate as individuals and in groups.

Men and women can take part in trampoline. The requirements for athletes to compete are high-flying flips on each bounce and compulsory performances from each performer. As the stages advance, athletes are allowed to participate in pairs and the moves must be similar that is at the same time and in a synchronized manner.

Tumbling is not an Olympic event yet, but it is performed international. The athletes in this category perform on a spring board that bounces. Here participants are needed to do very complicated twists and flips because of the bouncing surface. It is compulsory for athletes to perform two passes at each stage with eight elements included in every pass.

Acrobatics is considered to be a very unique event. Here, participates are regarded as the equipment and can perform in pairs of twos or fours. Different styles are involved and they include handstands, balances and holding hands. Pairing is not determined by the kind of gender. It can be all men, all women or mixed gender.

Group gymnastics in Delaware also known as team gym is an event that comprises of six to sixteen participants. Just like acrobatics, the groups may be of the same gender or mixed. Team gym may be allowed to perform in events like tumbling, mini-trampoline and vault and floor exercises. Despite being an international event, team gym is not incorporated in the Olympics.

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