Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The History Of Professional Wrestling On Earth

By Eugenia Dickerson

The history of professional wrestling is quite long as documented in certain ancient scripts or literary references. Professional fighting changed slowly to what it is currently. At the moment professional wrestling is a life time work unlike in ancient days when it was considered a leisure activity. Wrestling was a recreational activity in many communities. It was a significant part of many festivals and rites including initiation.

Cave drawings found in nations such as Babylon, France, and Egypt date back in 13th century. The drawings portrayed a number of the holds in use in modern sport. It was a good source of entertainment for many royal families including princesses, kings, paramount chiefs, and queens. Back then wrestlers fought fellow fighters and sometimes beasts like aggressive bulls.

The outcome of present staged combat is prearranged unlike before. Most competitions are arranged by bodies like WWE meaning World Wrestling Entertainment and International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles shortened as FILA. These organizations are made up of technical teams whose work is to be creative. They start and develop staged stories like disputes amongst fighters to make the bouts interesting and leave viewers in anxiety to encourage watching.

Professional fighting in certain countries like Mexico and Japan do not observe a given plot. The bouts are real competitions with no prearranged outcomes. Bouts in such countries are livelier since fighters have the freedom of using every tactic including submission holds and martial art strikes. This renders the bouts dangerous as wrestlers are likely to pick injuries or get hurt.

One technique of reducing injuries in this type of game is coming up with laws that require fighters to in wear protective gears before entering the ring. The protective wears may entail masks and hand gloves. All masks should be having soft internal layer to shield the wrestler from the force of heavy blows. It also low possibilities of wrestlers picking basilar skull fractures.

The current and modified rules emphasize on skills rather than physical strength. Winning is based on the number of times that the wrestler will pin their opponent on the mat. This game is for both genders. Some of the techniques used in this sport are taught to members of the military and police as part of training. The skills acquired give them a better chance against their opponents in case of self defense.

Professional fighting has many ranks that wrestlers struggle to achieve. Every rank is signified by some form of belt that is given to the champion. Wrestling is well-known around the globe as it features amongst Olympic Games. During such bouts wrestlers of all levels and ages are included and the champions of each category are rewarded by the concerned bodies.

The history of professional wrestling comprises of the evolution and introduction of additional laws and styles in combat sport. As a combat sport it entails grappling methods like joint locks, pins, takedowns, clinch fighting, and grappling holds. Current, historic, and traditional styles are permitted in specific categories where the regulations allow. This sport borrows a lot from martial art. Partnership between wrestlers is allowed in some categories.

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