Monday, December 30, 2013

The Function Of A Theta DNA Healing Practitioner

By Harriett Crosby

Everyone has limiting beliefs about themselves and their bodies. A technique of dealing with these negative beliefs was revealed to Vianna Stibal, while in deep states of prayer. She found that utilizing a specific brain wave state to connect with the creative energy that moves in all things could bring about instant changes. She has since taught her technique to many others. A theta DNA healing practitioner is someone who facilitates others to develop the ability to change on all levels.

Practitioners are able to enter this state, which one normally accesses in a state of deep sleep or deep meditation, easily and consciously. They enable their clients to go into this state too. Whilst in this state, they are able to relax, think more clearly and intuitively and receive information about any negative beliefs that are causing roadblocks to progress. A flow of energy from the Source to the client enables these negative energies, beliefs and emotions to be accurately pinpointed and lifted, allowing them to experience a life change.

Level-four practitioners are trained to work on four levels of belief. These are the core, the genetic lineage, the history or past life and the soul level. This work allows for the conscious release of patterns and beliefs on these four levels that may have been unconsciously hindering the achievement of goals and blocking progress.

People from diverse and different religions around the world are learning and practicing this technique. It does not demand anything against the will of the individual, or require giving up any cherished beliefs or teachings. Clients are asked for their permission before any belief is replaced. People of every religion can experience physical and emotional transformations, even at a cellular level

It is in this brain wave state that trained practitioners work on the DNA of the client. Once imbalances are identified and the clients give permission, the work on the cellular level can occur. Dormant strands are activated, leading to heightened intuition. Rapid and deep shifts are possible and sickness and disease can be flushed from the body.

When a client goes for a session, energy testing or muscle testing will be done. This is to check the subconscious mind of the client to see if the limiting belief is present. Clients have to express their willingness to change their thought processes if negative beliefs are present. These beliefs may involve love and relationships, finances, health and many others.

The number of sessions needed is different from person to person. Many aspects are covered in a first session but more might be needed depending on what an individual wants to achieve. With beliefs that are deeply entrenched, more sessions are required.

The function of the theta DNA healing practitioner is to empower clients to heal themselves. They use an extraordinary energy healing modality that allows this to happen. Deeply held beliefs and blocks that prevent progress are identified. The subconscious mind is reprogrammed by allowing a flow from the Divine, thus identifying and unblocking these belief systems that obstruct the ability to live life to its full potential.

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