Friday, June 20, 2014

Consider These Senior Electronics For Your Loved One

By Erica Holms

Several companies produce creative senior gadgets designed specifically to allow people to be more independent. Many products aid in ordinary activities that most people take for granted. A wide range of senior electronics can greatly improve the quality of everyday life.

A great product that fits well in any senior home is a phone. The problem they have is that they cannot read the buttons. These phones have magnified numbers so even the hardest of seeing person can read them. Similar to the larger phone is a remote control that has large buttons. These are simple independent care products that we take for granted because we can see smaller objects. You do not think about how difficult it is to use the television remote when you cannot see the buttons. Clocks also are a great electronic to get seniors. They make so many different varieties that have large numbers so they will be able to see them from across the room. They will not mistake what time it is again. You also might want to get a smoke alarm that has voice warnings as well.

If your senior loved one is hard of hearing, one of the best independent care products you can get for them is a voice amplifier headset. There are a few different ones available on the market but the concept is the same for all of them. This way you do not feel as if you have to scream to be heard. This is great for family members or even caretakers.

Seniors struggle to maintain independence but many senior helpers will eliminate this worry. Some people may be surprised to learn that seniors are getting more computer savvy. There are a variety of senior aids sold that allow people to use this device more effectively. The monitor may be equipped with a magnifier to enhance images on the screen. Reading a book, magazine or newspaper will be easier with a magnifying glass. These handheld devices make the print on the page larger and can be transported easily in a purse, tote bag or pocket. Small credit card size magnifiers can be tucked into any standard wallet.

Another great senior product is a hand held illuminated magnifiers, in different magnification to help with reading. Today wonderful electronics can indeed make life easier for the seniors in your life.

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