Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Different Toggi Boots For Different Needs

By Sally Delacruz

The feet is a very important part of the human body. It is also the most used, apart from our hands. With our feet, we can jump to reach high places. We can hop and leap over obstacles. We can climb the stairs to get to another part of the house, school, office, or any building. We can use it to flee or to fight as well.

Due to its importance, it is but essential for one to take care of their own pair. They are many foot hygiene kits to keep feet in optimal condition. When going out, it is recommended that one wear toggi boots, shoes, and slippers to somehow protect them from getting splintered and the like.

In the world of foot apparel, it is necessary to categorize footwear according to kinds. One favorite type that many favor over the others is the boots. These are a subcategory of shoes. They protect the entire feet, even the leg then up to the knee. They look great with any ensemble, which kind of makes them a standout fashion statement.

Riding boots generally reach knee level. They are also often made from the finest leather. There are simple looking ones for everyday usage, while fancier designs are for equestrian shows. They also come in various fastenings. Some have laces. Some can be zipped up and down. Others come with a buckle.

One particular riding boot is fastened down by the use of a strap and a buckle, like a belt. The belt goes around the lower leg. This type is popularly called as a Jodphur boot. They can have either long or short heights and have low heels than most. They are also easily recognized for their round toes.

Cowboy types are in direct contrast to riding boots, just like a dressed up equestrian is very much different from a laid back cowboy. Just like their cheerful and optimistic wearers, cowboy ones are much more colorful and have more intricate designs. They are really in striking opposition to the calm elegance typical in their rider counterparts.

Both sailing and Wellington boots have the waterproof feature. Sailing ones are designed especially to endure conditions out at sea, and they have a really strong grip that makes them perfect for walking on wet areas. Wellington is aptly named after the first Duke in the said place, who is said to have designed and used this type first. Today, they are known as rubber boots.

Sailing ones, as the name suggests, are designed specially for sailors. They are waterproof to prevent all the seawater from coming in and wetting the feet. They are also designed to have the best grips because the surfaces where a sailor often walks upon are wet, which makes them prone to slipping.

A mule is a type of footwear that encloses the toes yet leaves the ankles uncovered. Most define mules as half shoes because they look as if they are unfinished. They were considered as for use only by prostitutes during the early twentieth century. It was not until a well known actress started wearing them that mules were able break out of bad reputation.

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