Friday, June 20, 2014

Why It Is Important To Prepare A Safety Kit For Emergency Hygiene And Sanitation

By Eric Holm

During an emergency situation, many people are not focused on the importance of hygiene and the effect it can have on their health and survival. There are often bigger problems to deal with including obtaining clean water and food and finding a shelter. It is easy to overlook the items needed to stay clean and dispose of waste properly. This is why preparing a safety kit ahead of time and stocking it with the proper supplies is so important.

Having a plan for emergency sanitation is just as crucial for survival as being able to find enough food and water. Unsanitary conditions caused by the improper handling of human waste are fertile grounds for infection and disease. These diseases can spread quickly through the human population if not brought under control. Evacuation centers that have not devised a suitable system for waste disposal put everyone in them at risk of getting ill. Death can occur under the most extreme conditions.

When preparing for a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane, always remember to put together a hygiene kit. An identical sanitation kit should be kept inside the van, recreational vehicle or automobile. This type of clean kit will come in handy any time the family embarks on a road trip or goes camping. Children especially have a hard time when it comes to controlling the urge to use the restroom. Many become queasy with motion sickness and may have to vomit. Being able to handle such a situation is imperative.

When putting together a germ kit for emergency hygiene, it helps to consider all the different supplies that people tend to use every day. Start with various things found in a typical bathroom like toilet paper, soap and shampoo. Pack away enough toothbrushes for everyone in the family and some toothpaste. Facial tissue, self-heating cloths and moist wipes are helpful in any messy situation. Families who go camping can consider purchasing an emergency toilet. Toilet bags are designed specifically for the sanitary disposal of human waste.

Consumers can purchase individual items to prepare an emergency hygiene and sanitation kit for the home or car, but there are several companies that sell kits containing everything needed. Just click on the "Hygiene and Sanitation" section on our website to see a selection of kits. There are numerous choices to consider. To avoid putting together kits from scratch, simply browse through the options presented and select one that addresses the specific needs of your family.

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