Friday, June 27, 2014

The Hot Air Balloon Ride Colorado

By Sally Delacruz

There are many land marks and national monuments and parks to be seen and explored when traveling in the North Western states in America. This area contains a number of locations that hold special sites and activities available for the public to enjoy. A very popular and widely available activity is a balloon ride Colorado.

By looking on the internet you can find a company that flies hot air balloons that gives you the amenities that you prefer. The flights take off early in mornings to prevent them from being interrupted or cancelled by the daily high winds that happen in Colorado. There is a very narrow window for them to operate in so show up time is usually around seven AM. They offer these rides between May and October while the weather is somewhat stable.

This is something that virtually anybody can participate in. There are few restrictions applied to customers prior to booking a flight. You must be capable of climbing into the basket beneath the balloons, you must be over five years and under eighty years old, you may not be pregnant and should not suffer from chronic breathing issues or be dependent upon oxygen tanks.

This business is regulated by the FAA just the same as commercial flights. The pilots are highly skilled and licensed and some spend many hours training the younger personnel. Inspections are frequent and complete. All burners, baskets and balloons are thoroughly inspected for wear as well as performance issues.

You will be aloft for up to an hour when you take off. There is rarely any sign of motion sickness and any fear of heights appears to be alleviated by being in a basket. You may be allowed to watch while they inflate the balloons if you arrive earlier than scheduled. You should land approximately ten miles from the spot you took off from. Wind speed can cause a variance in distance.

Most companies offer either a champagne toast, with the client receiving the fluted glass as a souvenir or a champagne breakfast at the end of their ride. One company provides a commemorative bottle of champagne for each client to take home. The breakfast may include guests who have not been up in the air for an extra fee.

With flight time so short most balloons only make the trip twice a day. Some companies have massive balloons that carry baskets designed for up to twelve passengers at a time. These larger baskets usually come with dividers installed to provide separation of different parties. There are also baskets that are built to carry four people or less. There are balloonists who will perform marriages while airborne for their clients.

Hot air balloons can provide you with an experience you may never forget. Untethered flight in the silence and tranquility of morning while absorbing the beauty of the country side and natural wildlife cannot be described by many who have enjoyed this event.

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