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Key Facts Regarding Zara Phillips Clothing

By Sally Delacruz

Nowadays, there are many famous people who have started their own clothing lines. Zara Phillips, a British equestrian is among them. Zara Phillips clothing line is called ZP176 and is offered through the Musto Outdoor Clothing company. Phillips followed after her parents with her involvement in equestrianism, which is the art of riding and performing while on horseback. It was originally announced that she would have her own clothing collection sold by Musto in the year 2009.

In July 2010, the collection finally debuted. It took two years for it to finally be released. It is primarily inspired by equestrianism, something that Phillips is very familiar with. She even named the collection after the number she received following her first competition where she represented her home country.

There are numerous products available in this collection, including hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tops, trousers, jodhpurs, base layer, breeches, headwear, gilets and accessories. The goods are designed to look sporty and modern, which matches the overall aesthetic of the Musto brand. Technical materials were utilized in making these goods, which were designed to keep riders protected, whether they were on or off the saddle.

People who want to purchase items from this collection can do some directly from the online site of Musto. In the web store, consumers can narrow selections by outwear type, activity, product type and technology. The products may be designed with equestrians in mind, but they are available to any and all. Prices are subject to change and might vary based on the product itself.

In old interviews, Phillips has discussed the details of how her line came to be. She has said that she tried out each item in her collection to ensure that it met her standards. Phillips put a lot of work into make small changes that she thought would benefit wearers and be more practical. She does not think her line fits with the typical fashion of the mainstream but is an attempt to create accessories and clothing that look good and are also practical for equestrian training.

When it comes to function, these products are made to have added features. Some are fast drying, waterproof, water resistant, showerproof or breathable. The products are also designed for certain activities, for instance: competition, in saddle, events and stables. Numerous technologies were involved in production: SPF, Primaloft Synergy, Coolmax, Primaloft and DWR.

These functional pieces are classic sportswear with a stylish edge. The might be ideal for people who want to look their best while they are training or competing, but not at the loss of overall comfort and function. As an Olympic medalist with a lot of experience in equestrianism, Phillips had the knowledge and expertise to create pieces that work for people involved in this sport.

Many of the items are available in neutral colors, such as varying shades of white, blue, gray, red and black. The products have the classic Musto style but have been updated to include more modern fits, colors and designs. The products come in a range of sizes from x-small to size 18. Product reviews, features and technology are all included on the main Musto website.

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