Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Yoga And Weight Loss Make A Perfect Solution

By James Spann

Shedding extra pounds may not be as easy as some would like to think, which is why there are so many fad diets coming up each year. The truth is, diet alone doesn't work, and anyone who is overweight understands it. The solution involves exercise, and nothing goes better together than yoga and weight loss, in combination with eating right.

Yoga exercises are wonderful to stimulate the entire body, as well as the mind. Therefore, the role of yoga in weight loss simply can't be compared to any other type of exercise. It will help anyone to gradually shed those extra pounds, while simultaneously helping to tone muscles. The beauty of all this is that it does it with out stressing the body.

No one wakes up 10 pounds heavier. Gaining extra pounds takes time to do. While an ounce here and there adds up, before people notice it it could get out of hand. That said, shedding those extra pounds takes time, even more time than it took to put it on. Therefore, one has to consider serious lifestyle changes in order to achieve success in their goals regarding their health and appearance.

Junk food is definitely the culprit, but it doesn't come from chocolates and chips alone. Junk food is also that which people purchase and served at dinner time. These are all prepackaged foods that come with excessive calories. The solution is to change how one shops, and commit to cooking from scratch.

Packaged foods contain preservatives, and an abundance of sugar and sodium, all of which harm the body. Consider how many people are suffering from chronic diseases today, including obesity. Now, consider the poor eating habits in combination with a sedentary lifestyle, which lead to disastrous results.

The way people eat and live their daily lives must be changed in order for positive results to be experienced. A sedentary lifestyle is a precursor to disease, and it doesn't do much for one's appearance. Instead, people have to eat right and exercise, and that will make them more energetic. No matter what one's physical condition or one's age, yoga is an excellent form of exercise because it's calming and relaxing, to begin with.

One of the best ways to shed extra pounds and toned muscles is through using one's own body weight. Stretching is vital to good health, especially as people get older. Age takes a toll on the body, more so when someone has not followed a healthy regime throughout their years. Joints start to hurt, organs are not running at their best, and people start to feel aches and pains virtually anywhere and everywhere.

Since this age old form of exercise and meditation involves slow movement, it's good for everyone, even those who are aching and completely out of shape. Agility is not required and one starts to feel the positive effects almost from the get-go. Within weeks, they will experience many of its benefits, which will continue to grow with more passing time.

As putting on the extra pounds takes time, so does taking them off. Having said that, the best way to do that is to take them off slowly but effectively. Yoga is excellent because it allows people to progress at their own pace. Easy positions and exercises can be mastered and a beginner can proceed to an intermediate level which will result in more positive effects on the body.

Each person will start to experience strength and more flexibility, all the while reducing their levels of stress while practicing yoga. But that's not all! People will feel better mentally in addition to physically. In addition to this form of exercise, one should also combine it with another gentle yet aerobic exercise, like walking. This is important to shed those extra pounds because one must raise their heart rate enough for that to happen.

In the end, one will feel revived because they will also be sleeping better due to the relief of stress. One's posture will also improve as one gets more in tune with their own body and the right breathing exercises. In order to lose weight with yoga, one might opt for more vigorous styles, and there are lots to choose from.

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