Friday, June 6, 2014

Fixed Wing Air Ambulance; Flexible And Convenient

By Lila Bryant

Shortage in medical facilities and long distances between people and of well equipped hospitals has led to an increased need for air ambulance. The fixed wing air ambulance is composed of aircraft that provide varied medical emergency services. Companies that offer these services are always committed to providing medical services to an extent of taking patients from their beds to hospitals. They have the ability to go to any place because of their fast planes.

Most air ambulance service providers major in provision of ground transport, emergency transport of patients on private planes, specialized care for people in need of care. They also make contracts with other companies in the provision of these specialized services. These companies help in ensuring that there are enough planes and medical staffs to attend to patients.

The ambulances offer services to individual patients, other companies that provide controlled health care, foreign embassies and even establishments that provide health maintenance services. Companies that offer such services are always reliable and dependable to patients. This is majorly because their movement is through planes which are faster and small sized. These qualities enable them access any part of the world with ease.

The types of planes used by most of the air ambulance companies include Piaggio P 180. This is a plane that can carry a team of doctors, a patient and three accompanying passengers. It has a lavatory that is enclosed and has the capability of traveling up to a maximum of 1,500 miles at a mean speed of 450 miles in one hour.

Chieftain is the other model of planes mostly used in this field. This one travels at a maximum velocity of 215 miles in an hour, and has the ability to go up to a maximum of nine hundred miles. It can carry two passengers, a patient and his/her team of medical attendants. Learjet is the other type of plane mostly used for carrying patients. It carries the medical team, the patient and two other people.

The last type of airplane used is the Gulfstream III that has a range of 3500 miles. It has an average speed of 500 miles in one hour. It can carry one patient, a full medical staff and a maximum of six other people. These planes are always equipped with enough medical equipment for first aid. The medical staff is made up of fully qualified medical practitioners.

Service providers always aim at serving people with varied needs. Patients be in need of life support services; either basic or advanced, international stretcher services; for patients in critical conditions or even emergency transportation aboard private planes. They also provide medical escort services to people who need them.

Anybody can reach providers of these important services any time he/she needs them. This means access to this service is not a difficult affair. People can get medical services from hospitals that have the facilities they need. Language barrier cannot even be a barrier to accessing these services since almost all companies have employed the services of people who can speak all languages.

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