Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Many Benefits Of Subscribing To An Online Cancer Magazine

By Sally Delacruz

When somebody is diagnosed with a dread disease it is not just the patient that is affected. Everyone around the newly diagnosed patient is affected in some manner. Patients need time to come to terms with the disease and most people experience all the classical phases of shock, anger, denial, depression and, eventually, acceptance. Experts agree that knowledge is one of the best weapons. Patients and their families should therefore learn as much as they can about the disease, for example by subscribing to an online cancer magazine.

It is important to stay abreast of research advances and alternative treatment options. This can only be done by making an effort to study the disease in question and to learn as much as possible. In this way patients can interact with their doctors intelligently and they can make informed decisions. It is also vital to understand that being diagnosed with a dread disease is no longer a death sentence.

A diagnosis often leaves patients and their loved ones in a state of shock. They feel helpless and afraid. These negative emotions can have an effect on their health and can also adversely affect everybody surrounding the patient. The best course of action is to know what to expect and to prepare mentally as well as physically. It is always best to face a fight well prepared.

Families are often at a loss about the best way in which to provide support for a diagnosed patient. Internet based publications can help patients to contact others that suffer from the same disease. In this way the support network of the patient can be enlarged. Of course, being able to access advice and encouragement from somebody with the same disease can be extremely comforting.

Another way in which these publications have proven to be helpful is by providing practical advice on matters such as diet, regular exercise and how to cope with the side effects of treatment. Many patients need to make changes to their lifestyles by quitting smoking, for example. Some sites offer practical advice, ongoing support and even structured programs to help their members to live healthier lives.

There are an astonishing number of sites aiming to provide information and support to cancer patients. Nobody can subscribe to a large number of sites in a meaningful manner. It is therefore necessary to search for a site that bases its information on credible sources and that communicate with its members on a regular basis. It may be helpful to join a few sites and to narrow them down over time.

It is unfortunate that there are also a large number of sites that claim to be custodians of miraculous treatment options. Many of these sites will only reveal their secrets once a fee is paid. Medical experts warn that patients can place themselves in grave danger if they opt for untried and possibly harmful treatments. Many patients actually believe the promises made by such sites, often because they are desperate.

Dread diseases are by no means death sentences. Patients now have many treatment options and new advances are made regularly. Modern medication can help many patients to lead productive lives and to continue enjoying a good quality lifestyle. Modern medication also helps to limit the negative side effects that were common in the past.

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