Thursday, June 26, 2014

Great Value Musto Zara Phillips

By Kenya Campos

Anyone who is around horses on a regular basis knows the importance of good quality clothing. Staying warm and dry can really make the difference to the day. Horses must be worked in even the worst weather and riders should be prepared. Everyone is also looking for good deals that are stylish, affordable and will stand up to many years of wear.

In the old days riding apparel was bulky, difficult to wash and rarely waterproof. All that has changed with the advent of the latest technology. New fabrics are weather resistant, light weight and above all easy to keep clean. The Musto Zara Phillips line of equestrian clothing has been extremely popular over the past few years because this is a line that really delivers.

As a member of the British royal family Phillips grew up on horseback. Both her parents were international event riders who had their own string of wins. From this background the young equestrian attended many events and horse shows, indeed going on to her own very successful riding and training career. No one knows better the need for hard waring yet functional clothes.

The Musto company has been around for almost fifty years. The began as a manufacturer of sailing clothes. As time on the water is just as challenging as time in the saddle the company quickly developed its own brand of riding and barn clothes. With the same attention to detail and high quality fabrics that have made them famous in the nautical world, they had every bit as much success with the equestrian apparel.

Many local tack stores carry the ZP 176 line of clothes. They can be a great place to compare and contrast the different features of the items. For example there are jackets that are water proof for foul weather riding and others that are merely shower repellent for spring and fall wear. Getting the right fit is also very important.

The Synergy Jacket combines many of these features and has quickly become a top seller. It is extremely warm and comfortable. The colors are classics and the sizing cut to fit. The air pocket technology works in a simple but efficient way to trap air and keep the rider warm. The light weight non bulky design is another valuable feature.

The Soft Shell Jacket is loaded with great features. One of the nicest things about it is the close fit that allows for ease of movement both in and out of the saddle. The elastane cuffs help to keep the rider snug in even the coldest weather. The focus is on comfort and functionality. The wonderful design is flattering and the micro fleece lining is delightfully warm.

For warmer weather the zip front sweater is perfect. It can be worn alone or as an additional layer under a jacket. The one hundred percent polyester fabric is light and easy to care for. It is also water repellent and fast drying. This is an essential feature for outdoor use. Riders often have to spend many hours outside at horse shows and need to stay warm and cozy.

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