Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Features To Look For In Pikeur Breeches

By Sally Delacruz

There are many different types of riding breeches and so it is important to understand some qualities of a good pair before buying. Pikeur breeches are available from many different sources, including online stores. This brand has a reputation for its designs and its association with many top equestrians over the years has kept it on its toes.

One of the considerations when choosing such a garment is the type of fabric from which it is made. When synthetic fibers were introduced, a whole new realm of possibility opened up. Blends of cottons and synthetics are popular, combining the best qualities of both. A blended fabric will often be lightweight and have great elasticity while also offering sufficient support. A garment made from a fabric like this will keep its shape well and be easy to care for.

Equestrian activities are usually conducted outdoors and can be quite strenuous. This is why such garments must be hard wearing and the fabric used must be breathable. A breathable fabric allows moisture to be wicked away from the body, leaving the garment dry inside.

One of the most important factors to bear in mind when choosing garments is the fit. Sizes are often listed by a number which refers to the waist size, in inches. Many retailers at online stores list inseam measurements too, so potential buyers should measure their inseam as well as their waistline. A sizing chart may be available to help with size selection because different brands often fit differently.

A style needs to be selected with body shape in mind. Waist height can be particularly important for a proper fit and a mid rise cut is usually best if one is uncertain as this will flatter most figure types. There are also low and regular rise types available. There are also a variety of colors available and in choosing a color, the type of activity needs to be born in mind as different colors are appropriate for different activities in the equestrian world.

An innovative feature on the latest products is a coating made of polyurethane. This is added to the seat and knee areas to help the rider grip decently on the saddle. Zippers on these products are also constantly being modified. They have to be hard wearing as well as being as practical as possible. Front zippers and zippers on front pockets are practical features.

It always makes sense to spend more money upfront on better quality items, particularly if planning on daily or frequent riding. Cheap items often sag at the knees, do not retain their shape and wear through quickly. A better quality item may last for many years, justifying the initial cost.

The best breeches will fit well, flattering the figure and yet also providing great comfort and elasticity. They will be made with attention to the finer details like zippers and pockets, offering practicality and durability. Many such products are available from online stores and reading customer reviews is one way to find out more about which ones are most popular.

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