Tuesday, December 30, 2014

3 Day Survival Kit Purchase Or Assembly

By Stacey Burt

No one knows what the future may bring and it is always best to be well-prepared. That is why assembling or purchasing a 3 day survival kit is so important. In an emergency, it is the first three twenty-four hour periods that are the most critical so it is best to be ready for whatever life aims your way.

There are so many events that can constitute an emergency that may require such preparation. It could be a tornado, hurricane, nuclear bomb, enemy attack, or one of several other scenarios. No matter what the case, being prepared with essential supplies may save the lives of you and all of your family members.

You are going to need a variety of items to ensure your safety and sustainability. By having these at your disposal for even this short period will give you time to re-group and re-think your position and then react. You will be ready to take on so much more than other individuals who did not have the foresight to prepare for such occurrences. Necessary items will include food, first aid items, shelter and blankets, communication devices, food and food preparation equipment.

There are many companies that sell prepared sets of prep items for any type of emergency. They can be pricey but they do last for long periods of time and are very convenient. If you do not have these funds in your budget, select a variety of canned and dried foods that fit your needs and those of your family members. These can include powdered milk and drinks, canned fruits and vegetables, dried meats and fruits, and staples such as crackers and cereals. Always have jugs or containers of water on hand. Simply fill them and place them where they will be easily accessible. Keeping containers of water in your freezer will also help your frozen foods stay cold for several hours if the power goes off.

First aid should include band aids, antibiotics, scissors, a thermometer, aspirin, tape, and gauze. This kit should also include any current medications taken by family members and a first aid book. Communication devices could consist of two-way radios, a battery powered radio, and cell phones with portable chargers. Don't forget to include extra batteries for any devices that require them.

Other necessities can include flashlights, lighters, matches, tools, a manual can opener, sanitation items, and cooking equipment. Other items will depend greatly on your family makeup. If you have small children, baby supplies may be needed. Pet owners will have to keep their animals' needs in mind also. Keep copies of personal documents such as birth certificates and social security cards ready to go as well as a substantial amount of cash.

The type of shelter you require will depend on where you live and the type of emergency you are facing. You may or may not be able to stay in your home. If you are forced to leave, a tent is critical. Blankets or sleeping bags are also needed. Some emergency kits come with Mylar blankets for optimal heat.

It is always best to be ready and prepared in the case of an emergency. It can make the difference between life and death. Begin immediately by purchasing and assembling these articles and other items that are essential to your family's health and safety.

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