Monday, December 8, 2014

Las Vegas Thyroid Doctor Offers Innovative Solutions For Better Health

By Kelly Blomquist

The thyroid gland may be relatively small, but it plays a huge part in maintaining normal metabolism. It tells the heart muscles to beat faster when required, and helps burn calories at a rate that discourages weight gain. When problems change its size or decrease efficiency, a Las Vegas thyroid doctor can help patients regain normal function.

Located in the lower neck, this gland resembles a butterfly or orchid, with equal-sized lobes that wrap around the windpipe. It depends on iodine for hormonal production that sustains normal metabolic rates and output. If levels decline, chemical signals originating in the brain and other organs cause rapid hormonal increases and release.

There are four primary types of disorders that commonly occur. Hypothyroidism is a result of low hormonal output, and hyperthyroidism involves over-production. Goiters are visibly enlarged glands, and there are several possible causes. Cancers are a more serious condition occurring most commonly among adult women, but have a good prognosis.

Low hormonal output can cause chronic and severe fatigue. Other unpleasant physical symptoms may include weight gain without excess food consumption, poor digestive function and constipation, and unsettling mood changes. While not unique, these and other symptoms that may include potential heart problems, are difficult and dangerous to ignore.

Modern medicine provides excellent methods to counteract the problem, and many doctors are beginning to realize how important overall nutrition is in restoring full function and preventing recurrence. When refined and processed foods are eliminated and vitamin and mineral supplements increased, the results are often better than anticipated.

Improved nutrition and other cutting-edge solutions help many people enjoy their former vitality and energy. When combined with an appropriate exercise regimen that is doctor-approved, metabolism becomes more regulated, and excess weight may disappear. Unpleasant mood swings become less frequent, and overall mental outlook often improves.

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