Friday, December 19, 2014

Important Basic Bug Out Bag Supplies

By Claudine Hodges

There are many people who are prepared to evacuate at a moment's notice. The reason could be a natural disaster, possible terrorist attack, foreign invasion, or collapse of our government. If you find yourself needing to run and in a hurry, you should have these important bug out bag supplies packed and ready to go. The idea is to have enough supplies to last three days not for long term survival. Just enough time to get you to a safe place or for rescue to arrive.

The most important item to carry with you or have accessible is clean drinking water. It takes one liter of water per person per day to survive, so pack three litters. Also, have iodine tablets and a small pot for boiling water.

Along with water, we all need nutrition. Protein bars are excellent because they are small, light, and nutritious. Also, freeze dried meals or military Meals Ready to Eat, (MRE)will fit in your bag and keep you going. You can eat the MRE cold in case you do not want to build a fire or boil water. Try to also include nuts and some hard candy.

For clothing take two shirts not just one so you can layer them if need be. Take pants not jeans, socks, and a hat. Include in your bag, a pair of long underwear that will keep you warm and a jacket that can keep you dry and warm. A bandana is also useful to have due to its versatility. Have a pair of sturdy boots next to your kit ready to put on before running out the door.

There are many lightweight tents that will fit in your kit as does a tarp. In addition, you need good ground cover to keep you dry so take either a sleeping pad or a ground tarp. A good sleeping bag or bedroll is also essential.

A first aid kit put together by you may save your life. So put in it everything you could possible need. Items such as prescription medications, sun block, instant cold packs and hot packs, plus allergy and diarrhea tablets, and aspirin will go a long way.

You might be thinking that is all you need, but no, there are more items that are also vital to survival. Such as a hatchet for cutting firewood, a knife for all kinds of uses, a small pot or large cup for boiling water to drink or heat food. You also need matches, a lighter, and know how to start a fire without either.

Most times, you can hunker down and ride out the disaster while staying in your home, or shelter you may have prepared. But there are also instances when it will be wisest to simply run for safety in the woods or in the mountains. Have a three day supply of basics ready and waiting at all times, for you to grab on the way out the door.

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