Saturday, December 20, 2014

Singapore Athletic Injury Safety Tips

By Donna Beley

As a sports participant, you have to be diligent in your efforts to avoid injury. This is the only way to continue being an active and contributing team member. Fortunately, you can get a lot of valuable tips on injury prevention from a Singapore chiropractor.

Chiropractors have a number of tips and strategies that they can provide to help athletes protect their spines. Foremost among these is to build up the core muscles. When the abdominal muscles are weak, the spine will not be getting the support that it needs. Thus, the back and spine will be placed under an extraordinary amount of pressure when a person changes elevations or completes other challenging movements.

When working with one of these professionals, you will likely be given exercises that you can perform in the office and on your own at home. These will help to loosen sore muscles and increase core muscle strength. They can often be done in addition to any other conditioning that sports training entails.

One very vital part of keeping your body in good condition is having subluxations addressed and resolved. This is when the spine is no longer aligned. Subluxations can diminish overall movement and functionality. They are usually caused by jarring impacts and excess physical strain. After the spine has been aligned properly, it will be much easier to avoid injury while maintaining an optimal level of agility.

Subluxations are commonly resolved through the use of manual adjustment techniques, but there are still many other therapies that can be applied. For instance, the stress that training places on your body can often be alleviated through therapeutic massage. Inflammation and spinal pressure can be addressed with the use of ultrasound equipment and inversion tables.

Patients are also shown ways to warm their bodies up and cool them back down as part of their ongoing training. These efforts protect the joints and muscles. Whether you currently have a sports injury that you need to have addressed or are simply looking for prevention strategies, working with chiropractors can be very beneficial.

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