Saturday, December 20, 2014

Quick Healing With Infrared Light Therapy

By Lucia Weeks

Infrared is an electromagnetic ray outside of the visible light spectrum. Research into infrared light therapy has shown some usefulness to the human body. Since the beginning of studies into the usefulness of this invisible rays or light in medicine a few decades ago, some promising results have been achieved. Most objects at room temperature emit this in the form of thermal radiations.

A lot of success has been chalked up in the research into treating ailments with this technology. Illnesses as common as muscle ache to more complex ones like brain damage have all been shown to respond positively to infrared treatment. The rays are able to penetrate into the body tissues without the need to cut through surface tissues. This kind of treatment can be used to remedy skin infections, wounds, scars as well as burns.

Therapeutic use of the technology can help improve the transport system of a person. Nitric acid is an important gas in the human body responsible for most of the pathological and physiological activities of cells. This invisible rays stimulates the breakdown of this gas by the cells. This increases blood flow to the cells. This increased blood flow also leads to the formation of more capillaries for blood flow. This reduces the risk factors for cardiovascular problems such as stroke and hypertension.

Muscle contraction problems resulting from stroke can also be improved using this treatment. More adenosine-triphosphate, a chemical that delivers most of the energy to the muscle cells is produced by the body under the influence of this technology. This chemical also regulates contraction and also most of the activities of the muscle cells. The procedure also makes more oxygen available to the cells because of the increase in blood flow.

Healing of injured muscles with the technology has also proven successful. The improvement in the rate of blood flow when this invisible ray is thrown on a part of the body means more oxygen reaches injured tissue cells more quickly. More nutrients and chemicals needed for the repair of the injured cells are also delivered at a faster rate. This leads to the quick healing of scars, wounds and acupuncture points.

Treatment using this technology has been proven to minimize the effects of brain damage. This is considered a safer treatment since it does not involve surgery. A special headgear, made to emit light rays is put on the head of the patient to deliver rays near the infrared wavelength to the brain cells. This improves the oxygen supply to the cells close to the clot areas. This prevents the death of those cells and stimulates the recovery of injured ones.

Some nervous system problems are also treatable with the help of this technology. Nerve cells have been shown to regenerate when subjected to this treatment. Injured nerve tissues also heal quickly when this invisible ray is directed on them. This is a safer alternative treatment because it requires no surgery. Though the research into this area is not conclusive, it is being used by some medical practitioners.

Light therapy has also shown positive signs of treating depression and sleep associated problems. This technology is able to relax the body and minimize the effects of depression faster than any anti-depressant medication. People with insomnia who received light therapy are able to sleep better.

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