Monday, December 29, 2014

More On Teeth Whitening Andover

By Stacey Burt

Everyone wants to have that contagious smile that rubs off the people they meet; an admirable smile however comes with a desirable set of teeth. The dental formula plays a great role in determining the attractiveness of a smile and as a result, there are various centers set for the purpose of teeth whitening Andover so as to give everyone that admirable smile they want.

With the today technology, there are various options availed for individuals who want to undergo this procedure. One can opt to buy special whitening pastes or visit a dentist and get a laser cleansing procedure where the dentist use safe bleaching agents to get rid of the plaque and stains that causes the discoloration.

A beautiful smile plays a critical role in boosting self confidence as some people tend to shy away from laughing or even smiling in front of people just because they are embarrassed to show off their dental formula. It is by fixing this problem that one can get their self confidence which goes hand in hand with self esteem and once perceived self image.

In matters regarding protection against discoloration, there is a number of factors that have to be put in place. Usually, most people have a tendency of only paying attention to their teeth when the discoloration becomes visible and requires professional help to treat. In addition, this is the best way to go about it as one gets a professional to get rid of the stains and more so receive remedies that are effective in avoiding the staining.

First of all, colored beverages such as coffee or red wine ought to be avoided as they bring about the staining especially when one does not brush after taking them. Moreover, the concentration of sugars in them promotes bacterial growth whereas their color stains the enamel. The good thing is that all one needs to do is brush them with a paste and preferably an anti-bacterial one.

Conversely, smoking is also popularly known for its undeniable effects in staining the dental formula; hence, it should either be avoided or remedied. Other than the other effects one gets from this habit, enamel discoloration is among them as the soot produced by the smoke is usually left to stick on the enamel is harder to brush of since it stick on the inner side; hence, one should clean them thoroughly in order to get rid of them.

There are certain foods that contain elements that are indispensably useful in preventing tooth decay and discoloration. Some of them entail; carrots, ginger, onions, pineapples, pears, cheese and green vegetables. These foods are enriched with nutrients that are needed for healthy enamel; however, some even contain acids that act as natural antibiotics against bacteria and help in flushing away stains.

When all is said and done, this comes down to discipline as cleansing them at least twice a day is indispensable and will go a long way to ensure that their natural whiteness is maintained. Bacteria tend to grow when one is asleep as one is calm and there is no activity in the mouth; consequently, one must make certain they brush before retiring for the day.

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