Friday, December 26, 2014

Abcs Of Wheels For Golf Bag

By Lucia Weeks

Players often wear gloves that improve in grip and prevent injuries and burns on his hand. Normally the glove is worn on the non-dominant hand (right-handed player wearing the glove left and vice versa). Most golfing wearing shoes with studs on the sole of plastic or metal, useful for increasing the stability in field and the resistance exerted by the blow. Much of Golfing Club have banned the use of metal studs, allowing only those plastic (wheels for golf bag).

The benefits awarded to players (the so-called handicap) are managed by national associations with local policies. The importance of knowing the rules for a golfer is greatest: this is probably the only sport where everyone is referee of himself and then honesty and respect must be part of baggage of every golfing.

In addition, there are procedures to follow to avoid penalties or simply abused by certain situations. That's why it required an examination of rules, to be supported at one of clubs recognized by the Federation. During the course of official competitions, more than real referees there are observers. Each competitor is expected to practice self-control. In case of disputes we appeal to a special committee, whose main purpose is to let players know what they expect the rules in this case.

Most of rules indicate how to behave in particular cases, as for example in case the ball ends up in a "Water Hazard", or ends outside the limits of field; but there are rules to discourage slow play, which indeed are gradually tightening with increasing number of players: for example, play a ball "provisional" when it is probable that it has lost its own, so as not to lose time in research.

Mainly there are two types of play. In game "a hole" (Match Play), you face two players: you assign a point to player who finishes the hole in least number of strokes (taking account of disability and penalties) and the winner is the one who at the end of path has won more holes. In game "to beat" (Stroke Play), the winner is the competitor who has covered the entire field in fewest strokes (always taking into account the handicap and penalties).

The length of tee depends on the stick that you want to use and professional habits: sticks with face very large tee require longer, while sticks with face less extensive loft or greater require tee very short. Alternatively to tee you can use a small pile of sand to lift the ball, practice very rare and tied to tradition, when the wooden tee were not yet used.

At the beginning of each hole the ball goes out of affected area of pre-departure, said tee out. When you play in a group, it is said that the player having the right to go first (the one with the lower handicap or because indicated by the Committee or by draw) has the '' honor '.

In every next hole, has the honor one who ends the previous hole with the lowest score; in case of a tie, the order remains the hole last played. For each next shot, the ball should be hit at the point where it stopped, until it ends in hole. In several cases provided for by the rules, but it can be moved before a shot: this can be done without penalty or with one or two penalty strokes.

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