Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tips On How To Own A Racehorse

By Stacey Burt

There are a lot of sports that a lot of people also enjoy. They typically cheer for individual athletes for individual sports or cheer their favorite teams for team sports. These people even place their bets on who will most likely win these competitions.

On the other hand, there are also sports fanatics who are into races. They usually want to invest their money on athletes, and even animals, who run the fastest. For people who want to engage themselves in the sport of the gentlemen, they can follow these tips on how to own a racehorse that may give them the profits that they desire.

These individuals should identify if they are knowledgeable about those breeds that are wanted to be bought by them or if bloodstock agents are needed. Commissions are earned by these bloodstock agents when horses are being bought and sold by them. Advices and recommendations about which breeds should be acquired by the investors can also be offered by them.

He should also be deciding on the manner of owning a horse. If he wants to be taking full control of his breed, he could be going with direct ownership. If he wants to be sharing the costs of the venture, he could be going with a partnership. The person could also be investing in multiple thoroughbreds through a syndicate. Syndicates and partnerships are typically hosting websites where they are posting the track records of the animals.

The buyers should consider all the costs that they will have to spend for this undertaking. The thoroughbreds themselves may cost thousands. Aside from that, they should also consider training expenses, veterinary charges, and shoeing expenses. They should also include the costs of hay, grains, straws, and dietary supplements that their breeds need so that they will be able to race.

There are three methods on how they can purchase these breeds. In claiming races, the animals will have to literally run for sale. However, the veterinarians cannot inspect them beforehand. In auctions, the organizers will divide the thoroughbreds into groups which will depend on their types. Bloodstock agents can view these warmbloods at auctions. The easiest method to obtain horses would be through private purchase where sellers sell them directly and the veterinarians can inspect them beforehand.

Once he gets his warmblood, he should see to it that it is in good shape for the race. In this case, he should be hiring a qualified trainer responsible for training it. He should also be obtaining a racing license for him to be entering his warmblood into a competition.

They have to register their thoroughbreds with jockey clubs. They should submit copies of the registration papers to the racetrack organizers while these animals are in their racing years. These papers typically include their names, pedigrees, and physical conditions. They should also apply for colors for the racing silks which the jockeys will wear during races. These patterns will become the trademarks of the owners at the tracks.

The person could be recouping his investment if it finishes in the top five. If his warmblood wins, he will be getting sixty percent of the purse. The second, third, and so forth, places will be receiving twenty, twelve, and so forth percents. An animal that is performing consistently well will be increasing in claim value.

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