Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pointers In Preparing A 3 Day Survival Kit

By Lucia Weeks

Tragedies could be happening anywhere and anytime. These disasters might be tsunamis, fires, floods, and typhoons, among others. In most cases, these events are claiming countless human lives and damaging millions, even billions, worth of properties. Even if certain instruments could be detecting the probability of several tragedies, people should be preparing themselves all the time.

National and also local governments are disseminating information regarding what people should be doing before, during, and also after a calamity. One is preparing a 3 day survival kit. An individual should see to it that he has the following items in his own kit.

Bags where their necessities will be placed will have to be bought by the individuals. They need to ensure that durable bags will be bought. This way, all necessities will remain in these containers and also not fall off. Those which are water proof might also have to be bought so that their belongings will not be wet if ever floods or heavy rains will occur.

Usually, clean water might not be provided by evacuation centers. For this matter, clean water will have to be brought so that their thirsts will be quenched while they stay inside these evacuation centers. One gallon a day per person should be brought. Non perishable food should also be stored such as canned goods or noodles. For the former, can openers should also be brought so that these goods can be eaten.

The persons should bring their cellphones with them so that they can communicate with government authorities or other people regarding the situations. They also have to keep extra batteries and chargers so that they could still utilize their cellphones. Aside from that, they also need to have transistor radios so that they will know important announcements or events. They should also have flashlights to illuminate their ways during night time.

They should also have copies of their personal documents. These documents include their birth certificates, identification cards, marriage certificates, insurance policies, passports, and others. These will help the government agencies to identify these people and provide them with whatever help that they may need.

Even if disasters happen, cleanliness should still be observed by them so that illnesses can be avoided, especially during floods and typhoons. Items for hygiene and sanitation should be carried, such as toothbrushes, alcohol, and wet wipes, among others. Extra clothes should also be carried so that dry ones could be changed into if ever heavy rains made them wet.

They should also put medical supplies in these bags. These supplies may include medicines for headaches, colds, and stomachaches, which are typically common when people stay in evacuation centers. They also need alcohol, band aids, and cotton, in case certain disasters cause them cuts, burns, or wounds.

Multi purpose tools are also needed which could be utilized in different situations. Maps should also be possessed. Plans should be made beforehand by the families about where there meeting places will be if ever they get separated from each other. The contact information of important persons or government agencies should be known by all members.

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