Saturday, July 20, 2013

All About Asthma, Symptoms And Its Proper Medications

By Edward Walters

The Asthma is a persistent inflammation of the bronchial tubes (airways) that cause swelling and narrowing or the constriction of the airways. It will result to difficulty in breathing. The bronchial narrowing is usually either totally or at least partially reversible with treatments. And most common to children, some of it is hereditary and some if the mother has or the father has asthma, the risk of having asthma is lesser than if the both parents have it. There is still no available meds that can cure asthma but there are already medications that can prevent or lessen the attack of the asthma, or having some handy respiratory tools that can be used when the asthma attacks. The allergic of dust can also trigger asthma and so forth.

To some common occurrences of asthma is to expose to dust air and too much exercise. It occurs during night or early in the morning. To have a proper knowledge about asthma please do take time to read the following. Surely it will add on to your own little knowledge about asthma. There were several symptoms asthma has. Be wary of the following, the most popular and known symptoms is the shortness of breath especially it attacks at night, also an uncontrollably coughing during or after an exercise or when the person with asthma exposed to cold or dust, chest tightness is one of the common symptoms, its occurrence may vary or not to the said above symptoms.

These are the most important symptoms should an individual know and for it will be the basis and for you to find what triggers the asthma of your child. With the proper medications that the doctor will recommend you to have is effective if you take it seriously. In some proven studies that the asthma is not contagious so nothing to worry about.

The asthma will no longer be visible during the teenage life but you or some asthmatic patient cannot outgrow asthma because during adulthood it will occur again and may carry a worst attack than your younger years. And don't underestimate your condition because whether you move to an environment that is less cause to your asthma attack, the asthma will still be there but lesser the visibility. And when you move to other environment the asthma attack will be dangerous because it may be worst attack, hospitalization and possible death may occur.

The symptoms of the asthma will not be outgrown but during the teenager years the symptoms will not be visible but the asthma will occur again during the adulthood. If you will lack of attention to this matter it will result to a serious hospitalization and could be death as well. The asthma cannot be cured if the patient will undergo some environmental treatment. It will only come back if you will move to another environment or will attack its worst.

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