Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Personal CPAP Max Review Of The Popular Pillow

By Sam Kappel

I will be discussing the CPAP Max pillow by Contour in my honest review. I will touch up on the benefits, negatives and features of this popular pillow. I wrote this review for anyone wanting to learn more about the product. Hopefully my research and information helps you learn more about this pillow.

This product has a lot of great benefits, but is not perfect. It does have some potential flaws that may be a problem for some people. It may not be for everyone

Contour Living created CPAP Max as their follow up to their original CPAP pillow. They had one goal in mind, to make this the best and most comfortable pillow of this kind. They even go as far as wanting to make this more comfortable than traditional everyday pillows.

The CPAPmax has many features and one of the most touted is their double sided design. One side of the pillow is memory foam and the other is simply the normal pillow. This design gives users preference when using the device. You can either use the memory foam side or the other.

One their other proud features if the 3-D mesh lined pillow cover. This special case moves freely and allows air and moisture to circulate throughout the pillow. The design helps keep the pillow from getting warm and moist during sleep. A problem many people have when using a humidifier.

Upside of the CPAPmax:

1.) Reasonable price for most users

2.) 3-D pillow cover that keeps the pillow from getting warm and moist while sleeping

3.) Dual side design for added selection. One memory foam the other traditional style pillow.

4.) Good quality and structure

5.) A layer you can remove or add to adjust the height of the pillow for your specific comfort

6.) Keeps the CPAP mask moving freely while you sleep, so it does not get in your way.

7.) Comes with a 2 year warranty

Downfalls of the CPAP Max:

1.) May have a weird smell to the pillow at first

2.) There have been some reported quality issues

3.) Can be expensive for some people on a tight budget

My final thoughts of this product are good, but it is not perfect. There are many great upsides, but there are the downfalls that can affect some people. It may not be for everyone who uses this CPAP pillow. I give this product a 4 star rating for my CPAPmax review

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