Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Is Anxiety Free Dentistry?

By Riley Bitner

For some people this may be hard to believe, but having your dental work completed can be a safe, comfortable and relaxing experience, even if you have anxiety or fear about going to the dentist.

Sedation dentistry will help to make your visits more comfortable, relaxing, productive and quick. More importantly, you won't notice or remember the triggers that are often associated with anxiety when going to the dentist.

It's important to know that a visit to the dentist can be a positive experience, even when treatment is needed. Millions of Americans (nearly thirty percent) are afraid of the dentist and avoid dental care at all costs even when they're in pain. They avoid the dentist for years. Sedation dentistry can help. Properly trained sedation dentists offer safe, effective and comfortable treatments using oral and IV medications to relieve patients anxiety and fear.

This treatment has many different names, including relaxation dentistry and anxiety free dentistry, however, sedation dentistry is the most accurate description of the process. Sedation dentistry is a method of treatment that will help you get the dental attention you need, while remaining calm, comfortable and relaxed.

Sedation dentistry refers to a variety of methods available to your dentist to make your visit comfortable and relaxing. This is accomplished by choosing a medication based on each individual patient's needs. If you just need to take the edge off there are a variety of medications you can take by mouth that will work for you. If you need a more profound effect, there are medications that can be delivered by mouth or by IV to help. With sedation dentistry you will never really be formally knocked out, and that's a good thing. You'll be able to respond to requests from your dentist, and do simple tasks like turning your head or opening your mouth wide. You will always be aware enough to request a break for the bathroom during sedation, but you won't be aware of the sights, smells and sounds that can trigger your anxiety and fear.

If you feel anxiety about going to the dentist, you may want to search for a local dentist that practices sedation dentistry. It's definitely a more comfortable and relaxing way to visit your dentist.

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