Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Helpful Review For The Rematee Stop Snoring Device

By Michael Larkin

I'm going to share with you a more in depth look at the Rematee anti snore shirt with my personal review. This is to educate anyone that wants to learn more about this anti snore and sleep apnea treatment option.

The Rematee is starting to gain popularity for being a safe and comfortable sleep apnea and snoring treatment. The Rematee bumper belt is made of neoprene and uses a positional set up approach to help treat sleep apnea and snoring. Many sleep doctors recommend this anti snore shirt because it is a safe and easy way to treat these sleep conditions.

So how does this thing work? if you do not know, sleep apnea and snoring are caused by the blockage of the airway. What blocks the airway passage is the tongue and tissues of the mouth. The Rematee helps keep the tongue and tissues from blocking the airway by keeping you on your side while you sleep. It helps you stay on your side comfortably the whole night.

If you have ever tried the old tennis ball trick or heard of it, the bumper belt works that way. It helps you avoid rolling onto your back while sleeping.

It is hard for many people to make the shift of sleeping in a different position since they are use to the other for so long. Bumper belts help people adjust comfortably.

The Rematee has a few features that I listed below.

1.) It straps around your chest and is adjustable.

2.) It has durable Velcro straps that do not scratch skin or stick to the sheets.

3.) It has adjustable inflatable bumpers so you can customize to your comfort level.

4.) The air bumpers can withhold 500 pounds.

5.) Durable Velcro straps keep the belt fastened throughout the night.

6.) It comes with a one year warranty.

7.) It is reimbursable for some private insurance companies.

8.) It was a warranty of one year long.

So what are some of the downs falls of this anti-snoring device?

1.) May not be a stop snoring option for everyone.

2.) Some people complain there is a funky odor to the product.

3.) May not keep you on your side all night.

4.) Some users say the quality is not that great and can fall apart.

There are many benefits to this product, but it is not perfect. It has some negatives as well. The Rematee anti snore belt may not be for everyone and are sure to come with some negatives. It is a unique alternative treatment for sleep apnea and snoring.

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