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Important Information About Lice Treatment San Francisco Parents Need To Know

By Roxanne Cruz

It can be very upsetting for a parent to discover head lice on their child, but this is common during the school years. The key is to put an end to it as quickly and efficiently as possible so it does not spread or return. When it comes to lice treatment San Francisco parents must realize that there is no "miracle" cure, but it takes time and patience, and sometimes multiple treatments to do the job.

An adult head louse can lay as many as ten nits or eggs every day, which typically take about one week or more to hatch. These new hatchlings are about the size of a pinhead, but only take about 9 to 12 days to fully mature to adulthood and begin laying eggs of their own. Within a month's time, a full infestation can be present on a child's head.

Signs of infestation include the obvious itchy scalp as well as tiny bite marks on the neck. Upon close inspection of the scalp, the parasites are usually visible, appearing as gray or rust-colored specks the size of a sesame seed. Nits may also be seen attached to the child's hair and are beige-colored oval shapes.

The child should be seen by a doctor who will confirm the infestation and recommend the best way to eradicate it. In most cases this involves applying a "pediculicide" shampoo made for the purpose of killing these parasites, and then manually removing the nits using a comb. It will be necessary to repeat this procedure in a week in case any new eggs have survived and hatched. All members of the household should have their heads inspected and will require treatment if infested.

The child's personal items which have had contact with his or her head in the two days before treatment must also be dealt with accordingly. Clothing, bedding, and washable items need to be washed using hot water. Furnishings such as the bed should be vacuumed thoroughly.

Another approach which may be helpful is the application of concentrated hot air on the scalp. Intense heat dries up the parasites, causing death to most of them. A regular hair dryer will work as will a specially made device designed for this specific purpose. This should be repeated every seven to ten days.

A lice comb is one with ultra-fine teeth which are positioned no more than 0.012 inch apart. Metal is preferable over plastic as it is more durable. Hair should first be washed and left damp before combing is done, with the comb being rinsed often to remove any parasites or eggs which may be on it. An electric comb is also available which destroys the lice using a mild electrical charge, which is totally safe to humans.

An important part of any program for lice treatment San Francisco parents should be aware of is prevention. The child must not be allowed to share brushes, hair accessories, hats, or clothing items with other children. Hair should be worn short or kept back in a pony tail, braid, or bun and sprayed with a citronella spray twice daily as the scent is unappealing to lice and may prevent their return.

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