Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Best Way To Exterminate Bed Bugs

By Chelsea Evans

For thousands of years, homeowners have struggled with insect infestations. Bed bugs and other pests are especially troublesome, as they feed on the blood of humans, just like mosquitoes. To exterminate bed bugs, contacting a professional is in one's best interest. Even though small invasions can usually be handled by consumers without help, if a serious infestation has occurred, most homeowners discover that calling an exterminator is a better course of action.

Bed bugs prefer darkness and typically hide from sunlight, as their nature is nocturnal. For this reason, they essentially always attack their victims in a dark room while the individuals are sleeping. An infestation can occur from just a few fertile, egg-carrying females. Due to the fact that they reproduce quickly, large colonies can appear to have taken up residence in the home almost overnight.

Pests of this kind attach themselves with ease to a variety of objects, such as handbags, linens, luggage, and furniture. It is on such items that they typically hitch a ride into a dwelling, where an infestation can quickly occur. The presence of bed bug colonies is surging in many areas of the world, including Mexico, Canada, and the US.

Maintaining a dwelling that is free of dirt and debris will help to prevent such infestations. However, these insects have also been found in large numbers in homes that are meticulously kept. Once an infestation is underway, it is very difficult for a homeowner to get control of the situation.

Red, itchy, bites on an individual's skin are the most obvious sign that an invasion has taken place. Unfortunately, before realizing that a problem has occurred, an individual must sometimes experience bites. Bugs of this kind are very difficult to find with the naked eye, as the middle of the night is when they prefer to do their damage.

Availing oneself of the services of a professional who can complete a bed bug inspection is one of the most effective ways to determine the severity of the problem. Such professionals can offer advice after evaluating how serious the problem is and determining the size of the bed bug colonies. Some companies will inspect homes at no charge, while others collect fees for such services.

Even though some natural remedies are beneficial regarding the elimination of the aforementioned bugs, professionals are better equipped to handle such tasks. This is because the general public typically does not have access to formulas that are strong enough to eliminate a large size colony. This is why those dealing with serious infestations should avail themselves of the services of an exterminator.

Acquiring referrals from friends and coworkers and reviewing customer posts online are great ways to ensure one selects the most appropriate company for the task. Obtaining free estimates should always be done before a final choice is made. However, consumers should not choose a company solely based on price. Establishments that conduct exterminations for extremely low rates may offer only substandard services.

The aforementioned insects can transmit diseases, administer painful bites, and make a person's dwelling uncomfortable. To efficiently exterminate bed bugs, consumers should seek the services of professional pest control experts. The latter should be contacted as soon as possible if an infestation is discovered.

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