Saturday, July 27, 2013

Victims Can Learn From Child Abuse Survivor Stories

By Maryanne Goff

There are very many things that may happen in the life of a child and you as a parent will not be able to know . You can only learn about this at a later stage hen a problem will occur like the child bleeding too much or even pregnant. That is when you will learn that something strange happened to your beloved young one. If you do not know much try and read the child abuse survivor stories on the internet.

Most of these tales are not only those that have been written by the children themselves or by the parents of those children that were victimized. These are very painful stories to be told but at least when they tell it out they fell that the problem is solved halfway. They contain every detail of what happened to the victim and cold help you to know the tips that the people who assault use to lure victims.

When this kind of thing happens it will give them a mental torture for a very long period of time. This is because the victim will always be reflecting on what happened to her in the past. Such a thing makes them to feel very low and so they will not feel very happy. It is important to try and establish and organization that will help in counseling and teaching such victims.

It is important that children of the opposite sex know the sex knowledge and this is a lesson that the parents should teach them. They should know that a person who is of the opposite sex should not be allowed to touch the private parts of her body or even undress her. In case of that she should scream for help and when threatened should report this to the closest person so that she is helped.

Some other thing that guardians or parents should do is discourage the girls from dressing provocatively. This is the excuse that these rapists use that they were actually tempted because of the manner that the victim dressed in. So try at least to look at the code of dressing for your daughter. Do not give them the chance to do it.

There are some children who have died from cases like this one. The reason could be because the case was not looked at and there was no one who could stand for them. There was simply no one to assist them during that situation. The memories usually stay on their minds for some time and can make them to be depressed.

Such nightmares usually come to an end when they have that courage to speak it out to the concerned parties. They feel relieved when they speak out. This is a very sensitive issue and should not walk around as a rumor. The best advice should be fro a doctor.

All the child abuse survivor stories are helpful. They can help some other survivors learn how to strongly live with their past. Their next step should be how to shape their future so that they do not fall in such traps.

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